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UN Year of Reconciliation: 2024

Corey Goode explained that Ra-Tear-Eir, the Blue Avian with whom he has been meeting, said that our collective experience of the Solar Flash in 2028-2029 will depend on how many people have raised their consciousness by that time. We are advised to follow The Law of One and to be "51% service to others".

When Michael Tellinger, author of Ubuntu Contributionism came on the Cosmic Disclosure show in Season 3: Episode 3 and 9, Corey said that the Secret Space Program is very excited about the concept of Ubuntu, an African concept of collaboration that they believe should be the new economic system. Ubuntu is very similar to the ancient Egyptian Principles of Maat, the Goddess of Truth and Justice.

As we prepare to take a seat now on the Super Federation Council for the first time in our history, Earth must prepare to become a galactic civilization. In Season 10: Episode 6, Corey said he met with the other 52 Solar System Ambassadors who will serve with him on the Council. Corey said that all of them are human but most are not Caucasian. So, the majority are Melaninated People -- like 90% of the Earth's population! Ra-Tear-Eir had introduced Corey to Ambassador Micca of the Olmecs earlier. All of the other civilizations are likely to be enlightened. Enlightenment has been the goal of every high civilization on Earth -- except Western civilization. So, Earth may look quite primitive to the other Ambassadors!

Corey explained in Season 1: Episode 12 that there is already a lot of commerce between our Solar System and the other solar systems. However, the bartering is in the hands of a very fascist group. After Disclosure, we can have trade based on the best interests of humanity. He expects exchange opportunities for musicians, artists, and teachers because all planets have art! However, Corey said that we will continue to be isolated until we go through the upcoming Consciousness Renaissance so we can evolve enough to relate to other galactic cultures.

By declaring a Year of Reconciliation in 2024, the United Nations can encourage the world to now adopt the principles of Ubuntu, Maat, and Thoth to begin the process of Enlightenment that is so urgently needed. The steps that need to be taken in the Year of Reconciliation are discussed below.

To Raise Global Consciousness Quickly Now

To shift to Ubuntu, a system of cooperation, Earth must first renounce the 500+ years of colonialism and neo-colonialism that have wrought and continue to wreak such havoc on the peoples of the Earth -- including the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia. In 2001, the Australian government held a formal Reconciliation with the Aboriginal Peoples of that land.

Europe and European descendants in the Americans have wrought 500+ years of terror for the Melaninated Peoples of the Earth. We cannot raise our consciousness or become an enlightened planet without reconciliation of these horrors.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu was the Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. Would he be available at age 92 to help lead the UN Year of Reconciliation in 2024?

Michael Battle's book
Reconciliation: The Ubuntu Theology of Desmond Tutu describes Tutu's approach to creating a more humane world. Amazon says : "Reconciliation: The Ubuntu Theology of Desmond Tutu" is Michael Battle's highly original analysis of Bishop Tutu's theology of Ubuntu -- an African concept recognizing that persons and groups form their identities in relation to one another -- and the model it affords for facilitating interracial community and reconciliation in South Africa." 

I am, because of you: Further reading on Ubuntu says: "Ubuntu became known in the West largely through the writings of Desmond Tutu, the archbishop of Cape Town who was a leader of the anti-apartheid movement and who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work. As he approached retirement, Tutu was asked by Mandela to chair South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which sought to come to terms with the human rights offenses of the past in order to move into the future.


The following and related steps are likely to produce the largest and fastest rise in global consciousness. They are also likely to promote a climate in which Ubuntu can function more effectively, widely, and quickly on Planet Earth.


  1. The United Nations should now declare the year 2024 a Year of Reconciliation in which the colonizing countries of Europe (Britain, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy) meet at the UN in a series of conferences throughout the year with the 500 Native Nations of the Americas, the countries of Africa and Asia to issue formal apologies for the genocides, slavery, and theft of lands and resources.

  2. The Catholic Church should also be invited to the conferences to formally apologize for its central role in authorizing and sanctioning the theft of continents, genocide, and slavery -- as well as its role in the brutal Inquisition.

  3. The UN should resolve to protect the irreplaceable Amazon and its indigenous peoples -- its best protectors.

  4. The United States and other governments of the Western hemisphere should be included in the reconciliation process to issue their own apologies to the 500 Native Nations for the theft of lands, genocide, and misrepresentation of their histories.

  5. The US and the nations of the Western hemisphere should issue formal apologies to African Americans for the years of slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, and segregation. As the 2010 book The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness shows, these abuses are hidden but ongoing -- devastating much of the Black population.

  6. The United Nations should formally adopt and promote the more accurate World Map.

  7. The United Nations should recognize ancient Egypt as the mother of Western civilization. It should explain that the ancient Greeks acknowledged that they learned everything they knew by studying in Egypt with Egyptian priests. The UN should use the work of Dr. Martin Bernal, author of Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization (The Fabrication of Ancient Greece 1785-1985, Volume 1), to explain that this truth was corrupted in the 18th century to justify slavery.

  8. The UN should encourage the world to adopt Ubuntu, The Principles of Maat, and The Principles of Thoth.

    David Wilcock pointed out in
    Season 3: Episode 7 that The Law of One (which was channeled by Ra) says the Sphere Being Alliance cannot transition from 6th-7th density until every person on Earth has transitioned to 4th density. That Is because of the mistake they made in building the pyramids as a tool for ascension which was co-opted by the elite and turned into a religion by the Illuminati. So, we need to restore that ancient wisdom of Egypt now. Ra was the Sun God of Egypt -- often depicted as a Blue Bird. He was closely associated with the Ma'at -- the Goddess of Truth and Justice who also represents harmony and balance.


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