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Solar Flash: 2028-2029

One of the main purposes of the Cosmic Disclosure show is to help prepare people for the Solar Flash which was expected between 2020 and 2023 until the update in Season 10: Episode 6 Corey Goode explained then that smaller flashes have already started and will continue until the "big event" which is now expected between 2028-2029. It is not known if the Solar Flash with be a Coronal Mass Ejection "Kill Shot" that destroys civilization, a minor disruption, or an "Ascension Event".

Ra-Tear-Eir, the Blue Avian with whom Corey was meeting until the end of 2017, said the outcome of the Solar Flash will be determined by the Mass Consciousness. Corey was not surprised that Mass Consciousness is going to affect the Solar Flash, but he was surprised at how much it will -- how incredibly important Mass Consciousness is. Everyone on Earth is helping to decide what type of experience this will be.

Ra-Tear Ear pointed out that now is a key "Window of Opportunity" for each person to raise his/her consciousness. He said that we are now creating the reality we are going to experience together. He pointed out that it is very important how we exert ourselves to get Full Disclosure. Note: People who watch the Cosmic Disclosure show are getting Full Disclosure now! Sharing the show helps increase the demand for Full Disclosure to the public.

Ra-Tear-Eir said that a very small number of people can act as a rudder for the collective consciousness. He said the people in the Cosmic Disclosure community should focus more on planting seeds into the group consciousness. They have more power in their co-creative abilities because other people are in so much disarray. Ra-Tear-Eir stressed that every single person is important. There is no one more special than another.


If the Solar Flash is an Ascension Event, the fate of each person will depend on his/her level of consciousness.  Negative people will have one fate. People who remain "asleep" with go to another third dimensional planet like Earth. People who have awakened sufficiently will stay on Earth as it ascends to the Fourth Dimension. Ra-Teir-Eir explained that if the event happened now, less than 300,000 people would ascend!!! However, that number could increase dramatically.


In the video further below called Solar Flash - Ascension or Full Circumference CME "Kill Shot"? - Law of One, Corey discusses the Solar Flash from the perspective of the information in the Law of One channeled to humanity by Ra-Teir-Eir in the 1980s. The Law of One seems complex but it simply calls on each of us to be "51% Service to Others". Corey said in Season 10: Episode 13 to also focus on a positive outcome for the event.

Video on Solar Flash and Law of One

Click a photo below to see the video Solar Flash-- Ascension or Full Circumference CME "Kill Shot"? -- Law of One
in a separate window. Corey uses the Law of One to explain the importance now for each person to raise his/her level of consciousness now. Use the "Guests" section and "New Earth!" section of this site for more suggestions.


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