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Anshar City Tour

Crystal that holds data in special room.

Corey Goode reported on his first meeting with 7 Inner Earth Groups in the show The Grand Tour of Inner Earth which aired on December 31, 2015. Corey immediately developed a close friendship with Priestess Ka'Aree of the Anshar in Inner Earth and calls her by her given name "Aree". The Anshar speak Sumerian.

Aree took Corey and "Lt. Col. Gonzales" on a tour of the city and to see the gardens. Although "Gonzales" had visited the Anshar several times, they had never taken him on a tour! Corey believes that Aree gave them a tour as thanks for his doing a Mind Meld with her. The Anshar city is the size of Texas!  There were lots of people dressed in jump suits of various colors. Corey said there were about 30 of the Anshar craft flying around which flew right through the rock!

The garden has a blue sky and birds with huge trees the size of redwoods! Some of the books in the library are bound in leather – others in hemp. There were books from the 1600s, 1500s, and ones so recent that it looked like they had bought them from!  They have access to the Internet and follow it very closely! The Anshar are able to communicate with us telepathically from their special chairs to guide us and to seed us with ideas.



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