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Films and TV Shows

Many people have enjoyed watching TV shows and films about ETs for several decades now. Most people consider the shows just entertainment. However, some shows may have been designed to be a form of "soft disclosure"! That allows people to consider the possibility of life elsewhere in a non-threatening way. In Season 7: Episode 11, Cosmic Disclosure explains how this may have been done.


William Tompkins, author of Selected By Extraterrestrials, who appeared on the Cosmic Disclosure show several times in Season 5 and Season 7, explained that Admiral Leslie Stevens was one of the key players in the development of the Navy’s Secret Space Program. He ran the psychological operations for the National Security Council. Admiral Stevens’ son Leslie Stevens IV was produced the famous TV show The Outer Limits. His background was military intelligence.

Dr. Michael Salla. founder of Exopolitics and author of several books, is an Assistant Professor in the School of International Service at American University in Washington, DC. He coined the term “exopolitics” to describe the science of interfacing with people elsewhere. He appeared on the Cosmic Disclosure show twice in Season 7.

Dr. Salla believes that Stevens was working with his father to use the entertainment media as a form of "soft disclosure". He believes the Navy may have used Stevens to seed these ideas into the public consciousness through entertainment.

The process Stevens used for Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica is explained below.

Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica

Around 1964, Gene Roddenberry sat in on the set of The Outer Limits to learn how to put together a science fiction show and reached an informal agreement with Stevens. Roddenberry would get all the information from Stevens about developing his science fiction series. Roddenberry would get all the credit and wouldn’t mention Stevens.


That’s also what happened when Roddenberry created Star Trek. On Star Trek, they use Navy procedures, rankings, whistles, etc. In the show, there is an uncanny parallel with the main groups that Bill Tompkins discussed. The Vulcans would compare to the Nordics trying to help humanity. The Klingons would be comparable to the Reptilians. The genetically-enhanced humans on the show were the Nazis.

Glen Larson was the creator of Battlestar Galactica. He worked with Leslie Stevens IV with whom he reached a similar agreement. The pilot show was written by Stevens. Balltestar Galactica focuses on the dangers of an Artificial Intelligence that is trying to kill off humans. The threat of Artificial Intelligence is one of the top concerns of the Navy because it has destroyed countless civilizations in many galaxies.

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