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Super Federation Council

In Season 10: Episode 2 and Episode 6, Corey Goode reported that Earth has been given a seat on the Super Federation Council for the first time in our history. It is replacing the old Super Federation which consisted of 40-60 ET groups that have been conducting 22 genetic and spiritual experiments on humanity for 500,000 years.


Corey will serve as the Ambassador for Earth and our Solar System. Corey was introduced earlier to Ambassador Micca (shown below) of the Olmecs and met the other 51 Solar Systems Ambassadors from our Local Start Cluster who will serve with him and Micca on the Board of the Super Federation Council. Corey met the new  Guardians who are here to help us now, but he has not yet been allowed to say who they are.

Corey said in Season 10: Episode 13 on May 15, 2018 that the Council has not started meeting. When it does, Earth will be represented by people from different regions who will serve on a rotating basis. Corey explained that the other Solar System Ambassadors are human and look enough like us to go undetected on Earth. He said that they are here now getting to know us better so they will know best how to help us. For example, the Ambassadors who look more Asian are going to Asia. Corey said that all of the other Solar Systems in our Local Star Cluster are Fourth Dimensional cultures. He pointed out that Ra-Tear-Eir said that we a are now going through a "Great Awakening".

Becomng a Galactic Civilization Now


As we take a seat now on the Super Federation Council, Earth must prepare to become a galactic civilization. In Season 10: Episode 6, Corey said the other 52 Solar System Ambassadors on the Council are human but most are not Caucasian. So, the majority are Melaninated People -- like 90% of the Earth's population! All of the other civilizations are likely to be enlightened. Enlightenment has been the goal of every high civilization on Earth -- except Western civilization.

Corey explained in Season 1: Episode 12 that there is already a lot of commerce between our Solar System and the other solar systems. However, the bartering is in the hands of a very fascist group. After Disclosure, we can have trade based on the best interests of humanity. He expects exchange opportunities for musicians, artists, and teachers because all planets have art! However, Corey said that we will continue to be isolated until we go through the upcoming Consciousness Renaissance so we can evolve enough to relate to other galactic cultures.

By declaring a UN Year of Reconciliation in 2024 and a UN Year of Enlightenment in 2026, the United Nations can encourage the world to now adopt the principles of Ubuntu, Maat, and Thoth to begin the process of Enlightenment that is so urgently needed. See United Nations Year of Reconciliation 2024 for the steps that need to be taken now.

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