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The Original Guardians

In Season 10: Episode 6, Corey Goode introduced the New Guardians who will replace Ra-Tear-Eir, the Blue Avian with whom Corey has been meeting for several years and the Golden Triangle Being who retreated from our reality at the end of 2017. The New Guardians will help humanity now that we have been given a seat on Super Federation Council. Corey is serving as Ambassador for Earth along with 52 other Ambassadors from each star in our Local Star Cluster.


On 1/12/18, David Wilcock posted the update Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity’s Billion-Year Legacy on his Divine Cosmos site. In that update, Corey says: "Most of the communications that I received were dealing with the preparations being made by various races for the arrival of the two new guardian races that were members of the Sphere Being Alliance." Corey said he had been told at the Super Federation meeting on December 16, 2017 not to provide any description of the Guardians yet.  The Guardians are here to help humanity now as Ra-Teir-Eir withdraws from our reality. David  pointed out: "The Sphere Being Alliance includes the spheres themselves, as they are alive, as well as five different high-level ET groups including the Blue Avians and the Golden Triangle beings." So, the Guardians are the last two members of the Sphere Being Alliance

In Season 3: Episode 7: Into The Hall of Records which aired on Februay 29, 2016, Priestess Ka'Aree of the Anshar explained to Corey that billions of years ago, there was an ancient race called the “Guardians” which has long since “left our frequency”. Ka'Aree said that this is the same race the Secret Space Program calls the “Ancient Builder Race”. Aree said the Guardians were extremely advanced and powerful and protected this region of the Galaxy – the local Star Cluster of 53 stars. There wasn’t any ET group that would even think of violating their territory. Even after the Guardians left, they had energetic barriers that protected their zone for millions of years.

The groups native to Mars and Super Earth (aka "Tiamat") were very aggressive and very technologically advanced. They set off a weapon that destroyed Super Earth and brought down the protective field. That sent out a beacon across the cosmos and lots of different ET races rushed in. The Draco Reptilians arrived between 340,000-370,000 years ago, but other groups had come around 500,000 years ago.

David pointed out that this fits in with the timeline in The Law of One for the destruction of Tiamat. Then genetic farmer groups came in and took survivors from these other planets to Earth as refugees. That was the beginning of the 22 genetic and spiritual experiments of the "Grand Experiment" which continued on Earth until they were stopped at the Super Federation meeting on December 16, 2017.

Everything changed after the return of the Guardians -- the name that the Inner Earth groups give the Sphere Being Alliance,  David pointed out that in the terms of The Law of One, the Sphere Being Alliance has direct access to The Logos and is following its will!!! Aree said the Guardians have a residual tie to those of us in a lower frequency and cannot return to Source until they come back to help us.


David pointed out that The Law of One says that the Sphere Being Alliance cannot transition from 6th-7th density until every person on Earth has transitioned into 4th density. That Is because of the mistake they made in building the pyramids as a tool for ascension which was co-opted by the elite and turned into a religion by the Illuminati.

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