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The Cosmic Disclosure show airs every Tuesday on Gaia and Amazon Prime! Subscribe for about $10/month..


The Cosmic Disclosure show provides the information you need now to understand what's REALLY going on, how, when, with whom, and WHY! You will not find this information anywhere else! It is made available through the amazing testimony of Secret Space Program whistleblower Corey Goode. Corey's mind-blowing information is corroborated by over 16 guests (and counting) -- 7 of whom are well-respected authors.

The Cosmic Disclosure show is the ONLY source for Full Disclosure now!

Learn about these things and much more:

  1. Who REALLY won WWII -- and how they have controlled the world for decades!

  2. The outcome of the hidden WWIII fought behind the scenes -- discussed ONLY on the Cosmic Disclosure show.

  3. The Solar Flash -- and our Window of Opportunity before 2027,

  4. The Secret Space Program even the Air Force did not know about!

  5. Official plans for Partial Disclosure starting with New York Times articles in 2017.

  6. How Full Disclosure is happening NOW!

  7. The amazing discoveries that Obama, Putin, and other world figures rushed to Antarctica to see!

  8. The real nature of the universe -- its awesome design, beauty, and complexity.

  9. The Nordic ETs working in our corporations to help humanity for decades.

  10. The advanced, fourth dimension, ancient civilizations of Inner Earth

  11. The red-haired giants who are waking up after thousands of years!

  12. Super Federation ETs.

Note: Game Changer

Season 10: Episode 2:
of the Super Federation!

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