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Ancient Mars

Corey Goode says in Season 4: Episode 1 that It is postulated that Mars was a moon of the Super Earth, and was damaged heavily on one side by massive impacts that stripped away its main atmosphere, and it never recovered. These impacts occurred during its war with Super Earth.

In Season 6: Episode 3, Corey describes his trip with Priestess Ka'Aree of the Anshar of Inner Earth to Saturn. This was after their visit to Venus where they viewed the only intact facility of the Ancient Builder Race and met the Sentinel.

When Corey and Ka’Aree got back to the Anshar craft, she said they were going to the Saturn station. They took off at a high rate of speed and in moments, Corey saw Saturn! It was the size of a silver dollar. He could see white dots around it that were probably moons. They went into a Temporal Bubble just as they had with Jupiter to go to the Super Federation meetings. All the stars disappeared and it was pitch black. There were no craft at all.

They docked and walked along the corridors which had very high ceilings because a lot of beings are much taller than we are. They came out in the big decorative foyer exactly like the one in the Jupiter station. There was no one there. Corey had never seen one of these places completely desolate. They walked into the main hallway.

Scenes From Corey’s Past

A Sentinel who looked like the same guy Corey had met on Venus appeared. Without saying a word, it reached into Corey’s mind and started showing him movie clips! Some were less than a second. Some lasted 4-5 seconds. There were scenes of his life and his memories going back to his earliest childhood. It started from where Corey is now and went backwards. Corey saw his Dad in the old blue rocking chair they had when Corey was a kid. Then they started going through memories that were not his, but were familiar.

Mars’ War With Super Earth

They were scenes of past times. Corey started seeing wild cosmic scenes out in space of giant, physical, tangible spheres the size of a moon that were discharging huge bolts of electricity and destroying large vessels that were coming into the Solar System, destroying other large spheres that were coming in that looked technological – like space ships. There were hundreds of these different scenes.

David Wilcock clarified that moons were weapons and these were scenes of invasions being repelled by these moons. He recalled that the Ancient Builder Race had used moons to protect the Solar System from invasion. Corey said that the next scenes were also extremely upsetting. He could see Mars. It had oceans and large continents. He could see green. One of the spheres was going by Mars, shooting electricity at it and ripping the planet. All the water was turning to vapor. Debris was flowing out of the surface of Mars into the atmosphere. Other parts of the debris was turning red hot and falling back to the planet. David pointed out that Corey was probably seeing billions of people dying. Corey said that it was a very upsetting feeling. A lot of vapor was pouring out of the planet and freezing in space.

When Corey saw Mars again, it looked closer to the way it does now. He saw mushroom clouds with rings of smoke going out. Oval-shaped vessels were leaving in all directions. Some were headed towards Earth and some were headed toward the outer Solar System. When Corey’s heart was beating fast and he was hyper-ventilating, the scene stopped and the Sentinel disappeared!


Corey looked over at Ka’Aree and she seemed concerned. She asked him if he needed a moment. Corey felt very upset although he doesn’t have a lot of emotion attached to Mars. Corey didn’t know whether Ka’Aree saw what he had seen. David recalled that Gonzales’ best guess was that the Super Earth had been destroyed when it had been hit by one of these weaponized moons.

They got back in the Anshar vessel to leave. Corey barely remembers walking back to the vessel. He doesn’t remember the trip back because he was thinking about what he had seen. Corey asked Ka’Aree again what the purpose was of all that. Ka’Aree explained that a repository of the Ancient Builders had been imparted to Corey.  She smiled and said that it would make more sense in the near future. When they got to Inner Earth, Corey felt so drained, exhausted emotionally and physically that it was hard to walk. Shortly, after that, he was back home. He went to bed and slept. When he woke up, he thought about the events for a long time.

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