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Cosmic Disclosure Show / Website Map

This map provides a quick overview of the key topics and figures in the Cosmic Disclosure show and this site. It helps highlight the message that humanity is in a key Window of Opportunity now before the full Solar Flash in 2027-2028. In Season 10: Episode 6, Corey Goode explained that small Solar Flashes have already begun and will continue to grow until reaching a crescendo in 2027-2029.

Our collective experience of the Solar Flash will depend on how many people raise their consciousness before the event. We are advised to follow The Law of One and become "51% service to others". In late 2017, humanity was given a seat on the Super Federation Council for the first time in our history. Ambassador Corey is serving as the representative for Earth and our Solar System along with the other 52 Solar System Ambassadors from our Local Star Cluster. Corey said that there are many opportunities to trade, but we will be kept isolated until we evolve into a galactic civilization.

We have the opportunity and responsibility now to create a better system that serves all of humanity and restores the Earth! We can create a New Earth, a Consciousness Renaissance by restoring sound principles. We can start by supporting the Full Disclosure Project. We can also begin to recover the ancient Principles of Maat that kept Egypt stable, prosperous, and the light of the world for thousands of years. These are the foundation of Ubuntu which the Secret Space Program endorses. Recommended guest authors in the Guests section are helping to introduce these ideas widely now.

See the Return of the Commons and the You Can Change the World.

See the New Earth! section for more ideas on how to raise our consciousness now!

See the Chart: Steps to an Enlightened New Earth! for a quick overview of these ideas.



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