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"Lt. Col. Gonzales"

"Lt. Gol. Gonzales" is the pseudonym that Corey Goode chose for his friend in the Secret Space Program to protect his privacy. So, no representation of "Gonzales" has been provided. They shared many experiences in Inner Earth, at the Super Federation, and elsewhere. "Gonzales" is a frequent source of information for Corey. He also supports Corey's healing in his role with the Mayan Healers on their space craft.

In Season 6: Episode 12 which aired in October 2016, Corey explained that before he started talking to David Wilcock for the Cosmic Disclosure show, he had a detached retina. While having the surgery, he had shots in his eye that were very painful. Corey had been depressed, upset, hardly able to get out of bed. He was picked up by the Mayan Healers  and that was the first time he met "Gonzales" who was translating for them because the Mayans don't speak English. 

In Season 7: Episode 17 which aired in May 2017, Corey explained that he had had a full memory recall that was so upsetting, he was almost suicidal! When the Mayan group took Corey on board, they suppressed a lot of memories. When Corey tried to talk about the information, he would have a panic attack. The Mayans disassociated the emotions tied to certain memories. The information the Mayans hid away is causing some of the memory issues Corey has now. "Gonzales" told Corey he had found out that Corey had done two other “20 & BackPrograms! Corey had no memory of that! It was upsetting for Corey to hear and hard for him to accept!

In Season 8: Episode 4 which aired in August 2017, Corey said that he meets with Gonzalez every 1-2 weeks because he has been helping Corey manage his temporal dementia and well as the bleed-throughs from the two other “20&Backs”. Corey is teleported to the Mayan vessel to meet with Gonzalez who is now in contact with the Secret Space Program Alliance and is giving Corey briefings that the Alliance has asked him to share with Corey.


"Gonzales" began staying with the Mayans after Corey inadvertently outed "Gonzales" when he was being chemically interrogated by "Sigmund". Gonzales is going to stay with the Mayans as one of their emissaries in the Solar System.

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