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In Season 3: Episode 6, David Wilcock and Corey Goode discussed the idea of "the Logos" as the Ultimate Creator. David explained that The Law of One says the intelligence of the Creator is the Logos and that the Galactic Logos develops an evolutionary curriculum for all intelligent civilizations the Galaxy.

Priestess Ka'Aree of the Anshar of Inner Earth explained that each sentient Galaxy and each sentient Solar System is a resonant or vibratory template from which the life forms they create are derived. The location of the planet determines the kind of sentient life force it will try to create.

The Law of One says that the Sun is the consciousness of the Galaxy the Logos. Earth is a sub-Logos. We are sub-sub-Logoi. It’s like a fractal – same embodiment of the same Cosmic Mind. Because we are that Mind, we can reconstruct the entire universe! David explained that  The
Law of One says that the human form is the embodiment of the Logos!Logos” means “Word”. So, “the Word made flesh” refers to the Logos.


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