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Sphere Being Alliance

Corey Goode explained in Season 4: Episode 6 that the Sphere Being Alliance started coming in to protect our solar system and humanity at least by the 1980s -- around the same time that the Ra were channeling The Law of One.

They do not call themselves the Sphere Being Alliance. This is a name they were given by the Secret Space Program and some of the space-based Earth governments because the group created the giant spheres the size of the Moon, Neptune, and Jupiter in our solar system to protect us from the escalating solar frequencies and from the Reptilians. Their force is used only defensively. In Season 2: Episode 7: David Wilcock pointed out that in the terms of The Law of One, the Sphere Being Alliance has direct access to the Logos and is following its will!!!

There are five members in the Sphere Being Alliance. In the Cosmic Disclosure show, we were first introduced to the blue spheres which can be as small as a ping pong ball or as large as our solar system. They are living 9th density beings. They often pick Corey up at home (often with little time to even get properly dressed!) and transport him to space with little or no preparation or information! We were also introduced to Ra-Tear-Eir, the Blue Avian with whom Corey began meeting in 2015. The third member Corey met in 2015 was the Golden Triangle-Headed Being.

At the meeting of the Super Federation on December 16, 2017, Corey met the two new Guardians who will be helping humanity now as Ra-Tear-Eir leaves our frequency.  Corey discussed that game-changing meeting in Season 10 on February 27, 2018.  However, Corey was not allowed to describe the Guardians at that time. He explained that the Sphere Being Alliance is part of the Galactic Federation which will assist us in dealing with with the Reptilians.


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