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Solar System Ambassadors

Corey Goode explained in Season 10: Episode 6 that he met the other 51 ambassadors in our Local Star Cluster (53 stars). Ra-Tear-Eir, the Blue Avian with whom Corey was meeting for several years until the end of 2017, had earlier introduced Corey to Ambassador Micca of the Olmecs (shown below) from the star closest to us. Ra-Tear-Eir calls Corey "Ra-Hanush-Eir". The Anshar and other Inner Earth groups call Corey "El Hanush". David Wilcock said "Hanush" is a Biblical term meaning "Ambassador". So, Corey has been selected as the Ambassador for Earth -- for our Solar System.

Corey said all the reps are human beings, just different types, basically our cosmic cousins. He pointed out, "They were all humans of different types, and most of them were not Caucasian. They were different types of olive skin, brown skin, and even a kind of a tan skin." Corey explained that the 53 reps will be on the Board of the new Super Federation Council. Micca introduced Corey to the other reps and said each had been picked by the new Guardians or had been in contact with the Blue Avians or the Golden Triangle-Head being and went through a process similar to the one Corey has experienced here.


Corey explained that each Ambassador is a conduit for the collective consciousnesses of his planetary system. The other 52 Solar Systems have evolved into Fourth Density. Corey explained in Season 10: Episode 13 that Ra-Tear-Eir said our Solar System is going through a "Great Awakening" now. The Solar System Ambassadors look enough like us to go undetected on Earth. Corey said they are here now as part of "Cosmic Peace Corps" getting to know us better so they will know how to help us. They go to the regions where they can fit in easily. For example, the Ambassadors who look more Asian are going to Asia.

Corey said, "The information I was receiving, what I was witnessing, was on behalf of the collective consciousness here in this Solar System. They stated that all of the 52 (53 including me) were incarnates from this Galactic Federation had several waves that came to each of these star systems to begin to assist. We were also each told that on the planets that we're  serving, there were hundreds of thousands of Wanderers, basically, that were incarnated there from our soul group. Whichever Galactic Federation group that I'm incarnated from, that I'm here to do work for, I'm not the only one. There's hundreds of thousands from my group that are here, so there's nothing special about me. I'm one amongst hundreds of thous

Corey explained: "Tear-Eir had me address everyone once again and had me address the fact that the Blue Avians and the Golden Triangle beings were going to phase out of our reality, that they were no longer going to appear to us in physical form, that the Blue Avians were going to appear to us, who had been a part of their soul group that were doing certain missions, and guide us in our dream state, and that they were going to teach us to become even more involved in dreamwork ourselves.

Apparently, all of the witnesses, the 53 of us, have been involved in heavy dreamwork, helping people in classroom settings on our planet, and that this was going to increase, and that we were going to start having more memory of it, that our Higher Selves were wiping our memory of these encounters and classrooms . . . environments

Becoming an Enlightened Galactic Civilization Now

Humanity now has the opportunity and responsibility to raise our consciousness to become a galactic civilization. Ra-Teir-Eir, the Blue Avian with whom Corey has been meeting, explained that we should not look for "saviors" now. We are to be our own saviors. This means that humanity now has both the responsibility and opportunity to create a better system for Earth that serves all of humanity well and restores the planet.

Corey explained in Season 1: Episode 12 that there is a lot of commerce between our Solar System and the other solar systems. However, the bartering is in the hands of a very fascist group. After Disclosure, we can have trade based on the best interests of humanity. He expects exchange opportunities for musicians, artists, and teachers because all planets have art! However, Corey said we will continue to be isolated until we go through the upcoming Consciousness Renaissance so we can evolve enough to relate to other galactic cultures.


Where will we find the inspiration for the New Earth we must now create? The steps we need to take now are shown in the New Earth! section of this website.

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