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An understanding of ancient Egypt is key to the new Golden Age. The featured authors below approach this vast topic from various fascinating angles.  Moustafa Gaddalla's books show the link between ancient Egypt and the modern world. Christopher Dunn's work reveals the exquisite technology and mathematical precision of the ancient Egyptians. In his books, Stephen Malkowski explains why ancient Egypt is the key to the modern Golden Age. Scientists Rene A Schwaller de Lubicz shows that ancient Egypt (not Greece) is the true source of Western civilization.

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Moustafa Gadalla


Moustafa Gadalla's books on ancient Egypt discuss its impact on the modern world. Gadalla is an Egyptian-American independent Egyptologist who was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1944. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Cairo University. Gadalla immigrated to the US in 1973 and continued practicing as a licensed professional engineer and land surveyor.

Gadalla is the author of 22 internationally-acclaimed books on ancient Egyptian history and civilization and its influences worldwide. Gadalla is the founder and chairman of
The Tehuti Research Foundation and is also the founder  of the online Egyptian Mystical University.

Book_Gadalla_Ancient Egyptian Roots of C
Book_Gadalla_Letterfs of Creation Cycle.
Book_Gadalla_Historical Deception.png
Book_Gadalla_Ancient Egyptian Culture Re
Book_Gadalla_The Egyptian Hieroglyph Met
Book_Gadalla_Ancient Egyptian Writing Mo
Book_Gadalla_Isis The Divine Female.png
Book_Gadalla_The Music Aspects.png
Book_Gadalla_Exiled Egyptians.png
Book_Gadalla_Egyptian Romany.png
Book_Gadalla_Egyptian Divinities.png
Book_Gadalla_Ancient Egyptian Metaphysic
Book_Gadalla_Egyptian Mystics.png
Book_Gadalla_Egyptian Cosmology.png

Christopher Dunn

Book_Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt.
Book_The Giza Power Plant.png
Christopher Dunn_video_3.png

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Christopher Dunn.png

Christopher Dunn has an extensive background as a craftsman, starting his career as an indentured apprentice in his hometown of Manchester, England. Recruited by an aerospace manufacturing company, he immigrated to the United States in 1969. Over the past 49 years, Chris has worked at every level of high-tech manufacturing from machinist, toolmaker, programmer and operator of high-power industrial lasers, Project Engineer and Laser Operations Manager. For the past 16 years, he has served as Human Resource Director for a Midwest aerospace manufacturer.

Chris's pyramid odyssey began in 1977 after he read Peter Tompkins' book Secrets of the Great Pyramid. His immediate reaction after learning of the Great Pyramid's precision and design characteristics was to consider that it may have had a purpose that differed from conventional opinion. After further research and study, Chris concluded that the Great Pyramid must have been built to provide a highly-technical society with energy -- that it was a very large machine.

Discovering the purpose of this machine and documenting his case took the better part of 20 years of research.

Chris's 1998 book, The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt describes a holistic energy device that is harmonically coupled with the Earth. His second book, Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt: Advanced Engineering in the Temples of the Pharaohs, focuses on an important aspect of his research into the manufacturing capabilities of the ancient Egyptians and reveals previously-overlooked magisterial characteristics of Egyptian architectural and manufacturing wizardry.

Chris has published over a dozen magazine articles, including the much-quoted "Advanced Machining in Ancient Egypt" in Analog, August 1984, and has had his research referenced in over a dozen books on Egypt. In the United States, he has appeared on PAX Television, the Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Lifetime Television -- and most recently on the History Channel in the Ancient Alien episode "The Evidence".

Edward Malkowski

Book_Malkowski_Spiritual Technolog of An
Book_Malkowski_Return of the Gold
Book_Malkowski_Before the Pharaohs.png
Book_Malkowski_Ancient Egypt 39,000 BCE.

Edward F. Malkowski is a graduate of the University of Illinois, an investigative author, and historian. He works as a software developer and historical researcher in Champaign, Illinois. He believes that Egyptian civilization may be far older than is commonly thought and that Egypt made use of advanced science. Malkowski's primary interests are the origins of civilization and the development of philosophical and religious beliefs from ancient Egypt to modern times.


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He toured Egypt with engineer Christopher Dunn whose books show the advanced engineering of Egyptian pyramids and statues.

Malkowski visited Egypt with Egyptologist John Anthony West and geologist Robert Schoch who showed that the weathering of the Sphinx proves that it is much older than archeologists claimed.

Malkowski explains that a growing number of young people are moving from traditional Christianity and returning to Gnosticism that originated in ancient Egypt.

Rene A. Schwaller de Lubicz

Rene A. Schwaller de Lubicz.png
Book_Temple of Man.png
Book_Sacred Science.png
Book_Schwaller_The Temple In Man.png
Book_Schwaller_Symbol and the Symbolic.p
Book_Schwaller_Temple of Karnak.png
Book_Schwaller_A Study of Numbers.png

Rene A. Schwaller de Lubicz (1887-1961) was an Alsatian scientist, alchemist, student of Sacred Geometry, mathematician, and Hermetic scholar.

Schwaller spent 12 years studying the Temple of Luxor on site. He explained in several books that the math and science credited to Greeks belong to Egypt which pre-dated Greece by 2,000 years.

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