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Val Thor From Venus

Val Thor is not mentioned in the Cosmic Disclosure show. However, Val's extraordinary story helps substantiate the mind-blowing experiences of Corey Goode. Val's three years at the Pentagon and meeting with President Eisenhower are documented in the book The Stranger At the Pentagon  by the late Dr. Frank Stranges who had a life-long friendship with Val after they met. Dr. Stranges also discussed Val in a video. The book was made into a short film by Craig Campobello. 

Val Thor arrived in Washington, DC in March 1957 and stayed until March 1960. When he met with Eisenhower, he offered the world peace and health if it would give up war. Eisenhower was interested, but his advisors had him refuse the offer!

Val is shown below at a garden party in New Jersey with his brother and other Venusians. Like them, Val had no fingerprints. However, Val is unique in that he has no navel because he is a "created being" -- not born! Perhaps an angel. Val spoke fluent English and reportedly could speak any Earth language without accent.


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