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Main Topics

If you are new to the Cosmic Disclosure show or if you would like to refresh your understanding of the main topics, an easy way to get up-to-speed quickly is simply to check out the video of the First Year Anniversary Recap show which appeared in June 2016. Many of the 13 topics discussed in the show come up frequently now. When you see what those topics are, you can explore them further on this site, if you want.

The Cosmic Disclosure show points out that one of the most important things each of us can do now in preparation for the Solar Flash that is expected between 2027-2029 is to demand Full Disclosure for the public. Check out what is being done now to facilitate that step. Of course, if you are watching the Cosmic Disclosure show, you are getting Full Disclosure now! Invite your family and friends to watch. You can share the link to three shows a month with an unlimited number of people! Encourage them to come to this site to learn why this show is SO important now!

People who have not yet subscribed to Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia or Amazon Prime can come to this site for the link to three free shows a month on the See Shows For Free page. However, it's important to support the courageous work of David and Corey. At about $10 a month on Gaia and Amazon Prime, the price is in easy reach of most people. David and Corey (and some of the show's guests) have put their lives on the line for this first step toward Full Disclosure.

The Cosmic Disclosure show is the ONLY place telling us how to prepare for the Solar Flash in 2028-2029. The show explains that mass consciousness will determine how we experience this event -- and that it is important for as many people as possible to raise their consciousness now. You can help by encouraging your family and friends to watch the show now. Let them know that they can use this site to catch up quickly and easily!


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