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Priestess Ka'Aree of the Anshar

Corey Goode sometimes refers to Priestess Ka'Aree by her full name "Ka'Aree" and sometimes by her given name "Aree". Her family name is "Ka". As with Asians, the family name is given first. Although Aree is over 100 years old, Corey says she looks like she is in her early 20s! Aree is shown on the left in the group image below.


Aree is a member of the Anshar group which has been on Earth about 18 million years. The Anshar are a 4th dimensional civilization that developed naturally on Earth from a template that exists throughout the universe. They are actually us from the future! They came back in time to fix a problem in their timeline -- which they succeeded in doing in 2016. The Anshar periodically come to the surface to help humanity after cataclysms. They re-start civilization by teaching people medicine, agriculture, writing, math, science, etc. They have done that over and over in cycles. People have often seen them as gods. They also communicate with us telepathically to guide us and to seed us with ideas.

Corey reported on his first meeting with 7 Inner Earth Groups in the show The Grand Tour of Inner Earth which aired on December 31, 2015. He quickly developed a very close relationship with Aree and has maintained his friendship with her.

Aree gave Corey a tour of their very advanced library, city, and gardens. She sometimes teleports Corey to Inner Earth and provides him with various kinds of guidance and protection. Aree flew Corey on the Anshar craft to Venus to visit the only intact ruins of the Ancient Builder Race. The Anshar call Corey "El Hanush", a Biblical term which designates him as an Ambassador and indicates the high regard in which they hold him!


Aree flew Corey to Antarctica to visit the ruins of the Pre-Adamites which world leaders like Obama, Putin, and the head of the Greek Orthodox Church have also visited. These discovering are being documented by scientists and filmmakers and may be announced to the public as part of Partial Disclosure.


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