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The New Guardians

Corey Goode explained in Season 10: Episode 6 that he met the other 52 Ambassadors in our Local Star Cluster (53 stars) with whom he will be serving as Earth's Ambassador on the new Super Federation Council.


Corey has been meeting for several years with the Blue Avian  Ra-Tear-Eir, Corey explained: "Teir-Eir said humanity is going through a Great Awakening, and we are at the precipice of our very own consciousness renaissance. The new Guardians are here to assist us in acclimating to being managers of our own destiny and to assist us in working together with not only the local 52 star representatives, but the members of the Super Federation that were allowed to stay and to help manage everything."

Corey added: "All we really got from the new Guardians was they communicate d the cosmic ground rules about how these groups could work together, the ground rules for forming, basically, the new Super Federation. All of the information from the new Guardians has to be kept quiet for now."

Corey had not yet been allowed to say who the new Guardians are or to describe them.

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