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Ancient Builder Race Technology

The Cosmic Disclosure show has not provided any drawings of the Ancient Builder Race. On 1/12/18, David Wilcock posted the update Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity’s Billion-Year Legacy on his Divine Cosmos site. The info below is partly compiled from that update.


Corey Goode explained in Season 5: Episode 1 that the Nazis who began space travel during WWII were the first to find the artifacts of the Ancient Builder Race. They didn’t know who the Ancient Builder Race was or where they came from. They didn’t find any writing. The buildings included rectangular structures, collapsed domes, towers, pyramids, and obelisks. Some of the buildings were found in Inner Earth and inside other planets. The pyramid was apparently important to these people.

The ruins of the Ancient Builder Race are found throughout our Local Star Cluster -- 53 stars which are connected by the Cosmic Web. The stars in the cluster behave like a group consciousness or hive mind! They are all connected on a deep energetic level -– as are all the beings in those star systems. All of the star systems in the Local Star Cluster were under the protection of the Ancient Builder Race through a Protective Grid which consisted of spheres the size of moons. After the Ancient Builder Race left, the Protective Grid was up for millions to billions of years until the war between Super Earth and Mars destroyed it. However, when other groups moved in, they erased any writing or graphics that would have provided information about the Ancient Builder Race civilization.

Corey explained in Season 1: Episode 6 that the Ancient Builder Race technology is so far beyond that of the Fourth and Fifth Density ETs in the conferences Corey has attended that they want to get their hands on it. Some if it is multi-dimensional technology. Some of the technology looks like a slab, but operates on other dimensions. It took the Secret Space Program some time to figure out that it was technology.

The technology of the Ancient Builder Race is basically magic. Corey explained in Season 4: Episode 1 that the artifacts from the Ancient Builder Race are many tens of millions of years old -– further back than any other civilization. Yet, their healing slabs still work!! In Season 6: Episode 3, Corey described his trip with Priestess Ka'Aree of the Anshar of Inner Earth to Venus where they visited the only intact facility of the Ancient Builder Race. They met a Sentinel who provided Corey with amazing information about himself. When Corey and Ka'Aree later went to Saturn, the Sentinel provided Corey with amazing information about the war between Super Earth and Ancient Mars.

Supergates of the Ancient Builder Race

Corey explained in Season 7: Episode 19 that the Military Industrial Complex is trying to control a Supergate in Antarctica built by the Ancient Builder Race. They built a network of Supergates in this Local Star Cluster that are very powerful and reliable. Since they don’t require calculations, they can be turned on and used at any time. These gates can be used for time travel as well. David asked: “What is the difference between a Supergate and a Stargate?” Corey explained that a Supergate permits point-to-point travel in our galaxy or to local galaxies. With Stargates, it may be necessary to jump a few times to get to the destination if it's very far because it is necessary to wait for the electromagnetics to line up properly between different planets.

Stasis Technology

The Ancient Builder Race technology allowed the Pre-Adamites to lie down on a stone bed that would create a time bubble around them so time on the inside would occur at a slower rate than time on the outside. They took something that made them go to sleep -- to put themselves in "stasis". In their experience, they would feel that they had slept 20 minutes when 30,000 years had passed by.

Corey said that the Smart Glass Pad indicated that Stasis Beings have been found all over the planet -- some of a different ethnic group. However, the Red-Headed Giants have been found in Europe and North and South America and ruled a very large area. Some groups believe that they were ETs. Some groups had very advanced metallurgy technology – but no signs of high technology we could recognize.

The advanced stone technology that the Stasis Beings used was littered beneath the surface. It has lasted for millions of years. In some locations, the stasis technology had failed and the beings were deceased. There are many dozens of sites in the US and across Europe, going into Asia. There are some Asian and East Indian Stasis Beings who look like humans today from a later era that learned how to use this technology. People who found the Stasis Beings saw them as some sort of gods and left them alone.

Other technologies were found that had Time Bubbles around them. When people tried to enter, they froze in time! There were also people from other times who were also trapped in the Time Bubbles! The technology is in the underground cities. Many of these cities are still unexplored. It was discovered that the technology is operated on a consciousness level. There are transparent pyramids in the underground cities that look like they are made of crystal but are made of a high-tech aluminum alloy. They were made of all one piece with no seams. They were smaller than the pyramids of Egypt.

The Secret Space Program found diorite technology that they couldn’t explain for quite some time. It looked like a stone slab, but it had parts that were working on a multi-dimensional level. Before we understood that it was technology, we were trading it away to ET groups that understood it! We stopped trading it once we realized that it is technology!

2017 Discoveries: Major Breakthroughs!

In Season 10: Episode 10, Corey discussed an orbiting Ancient Builder Race space craft that was discovered in 2017 that includes beings as well as a lot of writing. Corey said that two types of writing were on the craft and one of the languages was translated fairly quickly! It consisted of dots and long and short dashes, short dashes -- like Morse code, but very complex. The researchers learned the order to read it in, and they said it was very similar to a glyph type of root language they had found on several planets in our local Local Star Cluster.The other language they have not fully figured out. It a language and hyperdimensional mathematics mixed together. There was some wispy stylized type of glyphs. 


This is a MAJOR find because all of the writing on all of the Ancient Builder Race sites had been erased! This will allow a MAJOR breakthrough in understanding their civilization! Corey said that the 53 stars in our Local Star Cluster were part of a giant empire and these were the remnants of that empire that disappeared. David pointed out that in late 2017, the mainstream media announced a cigar-shaped asteroid that NASA has just discovered that they called “Oumuamua”.


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