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Importance of Pineal Gland: Third Eye

In Season 1: Episode 10, David Wilcock and Corey Goode discussed the importance of the Pineal Gland. David said that there are cells in the Pineal Gland that are similar to the cells in the retina of the eye. They are also wired into the vision cortex of the brain by the same type of wiring that we have from our eyes. So, the ancient traditions, call the Pineal Gland, the “Third Eye”.  The Egyptian All-Seeing Eye of Horus represents the Third Eye of the Pineal Gland. It is shown above the pyramid on our dollar bill -- but is never discussed! The ancient Egyptian Horian Path was the path to Enlightenment.


Mainstream science didn't initially understand the function of the Pineal Gland and dismissed it as a "vestigal" organ -- one that no longer functions. This may be because the Pineal Gland is calcified in 50-85% of Whites who were the original objects of study. However, in the 1960s, scientists discovered to their surprise that Black Vietnam veterans who were autopsied had Pineal Glands the size of their thumbs!


An active Pineal Gland has more blood flow going to it than any other part of the body except the kidneys. The Pineal Gland is the source of Melanin which is responsible for Enlightenment so missing Western culture today but which is the basis of every other high civilization! The book Why Darkness Matters: The Power of Melanin in The Brain says that mainstream scientists initially dismissed Melanin as a "waste product". However, Melanin controls many key functions in the body and is the chemical key of life.

David explained that the iconography of the Pine Cone shows up in different world religions to indicate the importance of the Pineal Gland which resembles a Pine Cone. The Catholic Church demonstrates the importance of the Pineal Gland with its huge Pine Cone statue in Pine Cone Court. It is the largest statue in Vatican City and dwarfs the people near it! 

Pineal Gland and Light Bodies

David said that multiple insiders have reported that halos shown in many religious depictions indicate that the Pineal Gland is active and is producing a light phenomenon. David said that at least four insiders have told him that if our Pineal Glands were even partly activated, we could fly throughout the cosmos. Corey explained that a lot of beings use their Pineal Gland and Light Body to project their consciousness to another physical location. Then they can send that information back to their physical body. When they change the vibration of their body to match the vibration of their destination, their body teleports to that location and rejoins their consciousness. This is sometimes called an “Out of Body” experience.

Corey said when he entered the Space Program as an Intuitive Empath, a metal rod was used to send sonic waves to his Pineal Gland to stimulate it electrically and to enhance his intuition. David said that in Tibet, a long sharp piece of wood is stuck through a person’s forehead to wound the Pineal Gland a little to stimulate it. Corey said he could feel the sonic waves going into his head for about six inches. He was told that the stimulation would increase his “Second Sight” and intuitive abilities.


In addition, the stimulation would expand his “Light Body”. Corey said that people whose Pineal Glands are open have developed Second Sight and can see other people’s Light Bodies. Corey said that when the rod was used to stimulate his Pineal Gland, he had Out of Body experiences. He felt his Light Body grow in all directions outside his body. Sometimes, he felt himself knocked outside his body. At the same time, he felt the sonic vibration going into his brain.

The caduceus, the symbol of Western medicine is the symbol of the ancient Egyptian god Thoth. It shows the masculine and feminine Kundalini energy rising like snakes through the seven Chakras until they meet in the Pineal Gland and produce Enlightenment. This symbol is never explained in the West, but these concepts are well understood in the East. The Western civilization is the only major culture for which Enlightenment has not been the goal of life.

Video: Third Eye Pineal Gland: The Biggest Cover Up in Human History

The informative video below explains how the sun affects the Pineal Gland. It also explains that the fluoride in most drinking water and toothpastes in the US calcifies the Pineal Gland (Third Eye)! Most water filters fail to remove the fluoride. Only the reverse osmosis and distillation processes remove the fluoride. The Waterwise Distiller is highly recommended. There are several models. However, since it removes all minerals, sea salt should be added into the distilled drinking water. Healthfood stores sell fluoride-free toothpaste. However, some dentists still use fluoride unless you ask them not to!

Be very careful activating the Pineal Gland. It must be done with the proper guidance and instruction.

Click the link above or the graphics below to watch the video.


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