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Trump's Historic UN Speech: Nationalism vs Globalism!

When Trump addressed the UN General Assembly on September 25, 2018 in a fluid 34-minute extemporaneous ground-breaking, historic speech, he made it very clear that he supports Nationalism (NOT globalization) around the world!!! 

In the beginning of his speech, the UN audience laughed at Trump's apparent hyperbole, but he handled it graciously. They weren't laughing in the end. They understood that Trump had just changed the world. Trump had put his life on the line by standing up to the globalists and defied the plan to have the UN run the world. He drew a line in the sand to defend America from control by the global cabal. Trump articulated a policy that defies the globalist agenda. Trump reaffirmed each nation's national interests. Trump re-defined the power structure of the world. He said Americans -- not globalist corporations or the United Nations -- rule America .

Donald Trump's full speech at the United Nations (9/25/18)

America Says No to Globalism -- The Globalists Say No to Freedom -- Who Will Win?

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Nationalists vs. Globalists (International Bankers)

Most Americans do not realize that the fight between the nationalists and the globalists (British bankers) is the main theme running throughout American history. When Thomas Jefferson opposed a central bank, he protected America from a back-door take-over by the bankers. Andrew Jackson felt that his greatest accomplishment as president was that he defeated Britain's attempts to establish a central bank -- although the globalists tried to kill him twice! 


Lincoln gave his life, in part, because he fought to protect America from a central bank. President Woodrow Wilson deeply regretted that he had allowed the establishment of the Rothschilds' Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. JFK declared our independence from the Fed when he had the US Treasury print our currency, as mandated by the US Constitution. Kennedy gave his life, in part, because of that choice.


Since JFK, all the Republicans and Democrats sold out to the globalists. So, there has been no nationalist president for over 50 years. Ron Paul, a Libertarian who ran as a Republican for the presidency in 2012 is a very strong nationalist as shown in his 2009 book End The Fed. However, although Ron Paul won ALL the debates by over 90%, the Republican Party would not allow him to win the nomination.

Second American Revolution


 Trump put his life on the line in declaring that he is a nationalist. The mid-term elections were not about Republicans vs Democrats. They were about Nationalists vs. Globalists. This about the Second American Revolution! Trump's UN speech was America's second Declaration of Independence from control by Britain -- this time by the British bankers who are behind globalization.

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