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Discoveries in Antarctica

In Season 7: Episode 8, Corey Goode reported that major discoveries have been made in Antarctica. That's why Obama, Putin, the head of the Greek Orthodox church, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and others have recently been rushing to Antarctica. These discoveries may be revealed to the public soon as part of Partial Disclosure.


In 1939, the German expedition to Antarctica discovered big slabs of rock with ancient writing on them. The Germans found artifacts from ancient civilizations. Since the 1950s, the Germans and the US Military Industrial Complex have been doing excavations. Around 2002, they started bringing in well-known archeologists and professors from universities -- people whose names we would know. They were promised that if they kept silent, they would be allowed to give a briefing to the press and present to the public the documentaries they’ve made.

The Pre-Adamites crash landed on Earth about 50,000 years ago. They once inhabited Super Earth and Mars . After catastrophes that resulted from their wars, they went to the Moon. When they were attacked, they were chased off the Moon, their craft were too damaged to make it to another Solar System. Since they had to crash land on Earth, they decided to go to the one continent that still had Ancient Builder Race technology which is 1.8 billion years old!!!

The pre-Adamites brought three extremely large mother ships to Earth. A circular mothership 30 miles wide was found. So far, only the part that is about the size of an ocean liner has been exposed. However, that has given the researchers access to one of the ships and they have been going in and flying the craft that were inside! They have flown the craft outside our atmosphere. They found a number of different types of craft that have different uses. One was very ornate that was stupa shaped which the excavation team calls the “Vimana”. They were used to transport royals. The craft have gold on them.

The researchers found ancient technology and space craft that had been cannibalized to create a new civilizations. They found laboratories for genetic experiments which had run amok among the pre-Adamites. They created the Red-Haired Giants to control humanity Many different types of humans were found including ones with tails, short and tall humans.

When the Inner Earth group took Corey and "Gonzales" through the wall, a room lit up that was full of scrolls and books! It was obviously a library. Two Inner Earth beings walked up to a particular area like they knew exactly where they were going. They opened up a collapsible box and grabbed some metallic scrolls and put them in a box and took them. The scrolls were laser etched with symbols. The metal in the scrolls seemed similar to tin. This group was removing the scrolls before they could be located by the people doing the excavations.


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