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Corey Goode -- Earth Ambassador

David Wilcock posted a blog entitled Corey Goode Mega-Update: Ancient Builder Race- Recovering Humanity’s Billion-Year Legacy on his Divine Cosmos site on January 21, 2018. It is a very comprehensive update that discusses many key topics.
In the excerpt below, Corey Goode describes his sudden encounter with a captive Draco Reptilian when Corey was quickly teleported to the Mayan spacecraft.

Corey says, "This being started addressing me by the name the Blue Avians call me, “Ra-Hanush-Eir.”  " The Blue Avian Corey has been meeting with is called Ra-Tear-Eir. As with Asians, the family name (Ra) is given first. In one episode of the Cosmic Disclosure show, Corey explained that he had been told that he is from the Blue Avian soul group and had chosen to incarnate as a human being now to help humanity through this period of transition as we go into the Solar Flash.

Priestess Ka'Aree of the Anshar and the other groups of Inner Earth refer to Corey by the title of "El Hanush" to indicate the high regard in which they hold him. They agreed to meet with Corey as the representative of the Guardians whom they had not seen in 500,000 years and who would not meet with the Anshar directly.


David explains that the term “Hanush” appears to be synonymous with “Enoch,” as in the Book of Enoch. The exact Hebrew spelling is khanokh, or, which translates as teacher, one who guides, and messenger. 

David pointed out, "The Book of Enoch is as old as the Book of Genesis, and equally important. It describes a race of giants on earth that became cannibalistic to humans. These giants used Enoch to petition the benevolent Elohim for mercy, after they learned that a great flood was coming that would balance their karma. They asked to be airlifted to safety and were denied.


Very interestingly, the Draco White Royal similarly used Corey to beg to be released from our solar system before the upcoming Solar Flash — and was denied. For this reason, I have speculated that “Enoch” is essentially a political term in the ET world that could also be akin to “Diplomat” or “Ambassador.” Corey appears to have been thrust into this role. Ra-Teir-Ir introduced Corey to Ambassasador Micca of the Olmecs who are also here now to help humanity through this transition."



Corey handles this heavy responsibility with consistent humility -- as required by Ra-Tear-Eir. Corey was required to switch to a high vibration vegetarian diet -- which he initially resisted! However, it allowed him to lose a lot of weight and he reports that he feels much better. Some people say that they wish they could have Corey's experiences. However, they are thinking only of the positive ones. Few people want to experience the hardships of his three "20&Back" programs. Corey is receiving healing from the Mayan Healers for multiple physical, mental, and emotional stresses from that period. Fewer still would want to trade places with Corey during  the 12 times he was tortured by "Sigmund"!

Corey was counseled  by Priestess Ka'Aree to help heal his estranged relationship with his father and to save his marriage. Corey is often picked up on short notice by a Blue Sphere -- sometimes before he can even dress fully! -- and is swept away to a high-profile assignment with little or no preparation or information. Corey says that he often feels like he is being used as a USB drive to record and download information! His encounter with the Draco Reptilian Royal was so frightening that Corey has refused to ever meet with one again. Corey has experienced death threats and serious illnesses for agreeing to serve as a whistleblower on the Cosmic Disclosure show!

So, rather than envying Corey, we should all be deeply grateful to him for his service which comes at such great expense to him personally in so many ways. In David Wilcock's friendship and professional handling of the Cosmic Disclosure show, Corey has found the support and platform he needed to share his mind-blowing experiences with the world and to help us prepare for the Solar Flash now. We are all much richer because of their collaboration. David has also experienced death threats. It was his many years of preparation through research and talking with trusted "insiders" that allowed David to determine Corey's credibility. So, both David and Corey are providing the world an unmatched service through the Cosmic Disclosure and their other work.

Corey is shown below with the "Smart Glass Pad" he used in his 20&Back programs -- decades before we had iPads! This was the source of much of the information that Corey has provided on Cosmic Disclosure. On the show, Corey met the late guest William Tompkins, author of Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs. Corey discovered that not only had Tompkins been the author in the 1940s of much of the information on the Smart Glass Pad, but he had also designed the ship on which Corey served! The world is deeply indebted to all the guests on the Cosmic Disclosure show. They have thoroughly corroborated Corey's mind-blowing testimony -- and extended it!

The world thanks Corey, David, all his guests, and his other "insiders" for their courage and dedication!


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