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Discovery of Essential Lost Knowledge!

So, we need to restore that ancient wisdom of Egypt now -- the knowledge of enlightenment. Fortnately, this is exactly what is being done now by a number of historians and authors including Dr. Edward Brude Bynum and Dr. Muata Ashby who are shown on the Recommended Guest Authors page. Dr. Bynum has documented in his books and YouTube videos the concept of Enlightenment which is closely associated with the Pineal Gland and Melanin. Dr. Ashby shows in his books and DVDs that The Principles of Maat helped keep Egypt stable and the light of the world for thousands of years.

Ubuntu was introduced to the Cosmic Disclosure show by author Michael Tellinger in Season 3. Archibishop Desmond Tutu was the first to introduce Ubuntu to the West and points out that there can be no Ubuntu without reconciliation. President Nelson Mandela appointed Archbishop Tutu to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. This site recommends the UN Year of Reconciliation in 2024 to address the ongoing issue of colonialism and neo-colonialism that have plagued the world for 500+ years.

The concept of Ubuntu (cooperation vs competition) is grounded in The Principles of Maat which create a profound sense of order from the cosmological, to the person, and social level -- and lead to Enlightenment. Enlightened individuals collaborate more harmoniously other people and with nature.

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