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In Season 5: Episode 12, William Tompkins, author of Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, explains that his secretary when he was working secret think tanks was a Nordic. Bill said that she would never admit she was a Nordic although everyone knew it. However, the information she dropped into conversations indicated that she was part of the Nordic Navy. She was clearly a Commander in Intelligence with a mission to support NASA’s Apollo program.


Bill found out that his secretary was a Nordic Navy Lt. Commander who had a contract and a mission to get the entire Apollo program implemented. Her mission was to support the whole program – not just the first phase of going to the Moon. She supported Phase 2 involving building Navy stations on all habitable planets or their moons in the Solar System. In addition, she supported building bases on all of the 12 closest stars. That was the Apollo Mission. Bill did four years in the Navy and slightly less than four years on the Apollo Mission. For those four years, the two Nordics in the program pushed to the side anyone who tried to stop the mission.

The Nordics are at war with the Reptilians and with the Praying Mantises. The Nordics had lost a massive battle between their planet and another planet which the Reptilians had re-structured and were back at war again. Bill said that her group was the greatest thing that could happen to Earth. She was always way ahead of everybody. She continually gave Bill ideas telepathically. Bill said two Nordics supported the program he worked on at North American and another Nordic at TRW — although they all also refused to say they were Nordics. He said that, once again, he was getting support from individuals who were probably part of the Nordic Navy implementing an agenda!

Bill said that they didn’t learn until later that there are about a 100 types of Nordics. They were aware then of just one type. 


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