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UN Year of Enlightenment: 2026

Western culture is the only major civilization that has not understood Enlightenment as the goal of life. Ancient Egypt was a stable, prosperous, enlightened society for thousands of years and was the light of the world. Egypt began to fall when it was attacked first by the Assyrians and Persians, then by the Greeks and Romans, and finally by the Arabs who still control it today. Although the Greeks studied in Egypt, after the fall of Egypt, Europe went into the Dark Ages until the Moors came to Spain in 711AD and sparked the Renaissance.

However, after the Moors were expelled in 1492AD, Spain, Portugal, Britain, France, and Holland went on a global rampage  -- stealing the Western hemisphere, committing genocide in the Americas, Africa, and Australia, and implementing the most brutal form of slavery in history. Spain first enslaved the very Moors who had brought Europe out of the Dark Ages!


The 500+ years of colonialism and neo-colonialism must now end with the UN Year of Reconciliation in 2024. That will help us evolve into a galactic civilization as we take our seat on the Super Federation Council for the first time. We must also raise our consciousness now to prepare for the Solar Flash in 2028-2029.

In the UN Year of Enlightenment in 2026, the United Nations can play a key role by focusing on the Yugas Cycle which shows that we entered Kali Yuga (Dark Age / Material Age) about 2,600 years ago as Egypt began to fall. We are now moving into Dwarpara Yuga (Energy Age / Mental Age) as our consciousness begins to rise. The UN can help introduce the importance of understanding the caduceus, chakras, and kundalini energy. Egyptian pharoahs showed the importance of Enlightenment with two kundalini snakes in their crowns -- just at the point of the Pineal Gland.

The authors discussed below are leading the way in re-awakening humanity now.

Authors Re-Awakening Humanity


David Wilcock pointed out in Season 3: Episode 7 that The Law of One (which was channeled by Ra) says the Sphere Being Alliance cannot transition from 6th-7th density until every person on Earth has transitioned to 4th density. That Is because of the mistake they made in giving the ancient Egyptians knowledge that was later corrupted by the Illuminati.

So, we need to restore that ancient wisdom of Egypt now. Ra was the Sun God of Egypt -- often depicted as a Blue Bird. He was closely associated with the Ma'at -- the Goddess of Truth and Justice who represents truth, justice, harmony, and balance.

These and other authors can play a leading role in the
UN Year of Enlightenment in 2026 to help make these concepts more widely known and clearly understood.

The following authors are recommended as guests for the Cosmic Disclosure show.


  1. Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum: Psychiatrist, historian, and author Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum shows in his books and YouTube videos the key importance of understanding the Pineal Gland and Melanin for Enlightenment. The Catholic Church shows that it knows the importance of the Pineal Gland (which looks like a pine cone). Its Pine Cone statue in the Pine Cone Courtyard of the Vatican is the largest statue in Vatican City and dwarfs people near it. However, the Pineal Gland, Melanin, and Enlightenment are never discussed in the West. Yet, they are represented in the caduceus, the symbol of medicine in the West which was the symbol of the Egyptian god Thoth.

  2. Dr. Muata Ashby:  In his 50+ books and DVDs, historian and author Dr. Muata Ashby is re-introducing The Principles of Maat that kept Egypt stable because they lead to Enlightenment. The principles are the foundation of Ubuntu as he shows in his book Ancient Egyptian  Economics.

  3. Peter Gandy: Author of The Hermetica which shows that when the original Hermetica was recovered in the 15th century, the wisdom of Thoth sparked the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation in Europe.


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