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Choose The Red Pill Now!

The video further below explains that at 4 AM every morning, the "talking heads" on TV news all receive the messages they are to present that day as "news"! The video explains that the corporate media have been lying to us.


The short, revealing video Newscasters Agree: The Easter Bunny's Springless Steps shows that anchors on mainstream TV shows parrot the same talking points across networks. Several other videos show this same bizarre phenomenon.


The video below encourages people to take the Red Pill (to wake up) vs. the Blue Pill (to stay asleep) as shown in the movie The Matrix. The video equates taking the Blue Pill with accepting everything in the mainstream media without question. You take the Red Pill when you think independently and do your own research online and/or elsewhere.

The video shows that Trump's take-down of the “Deep State” is NOT about Right vs Left or Republican vs Democrat, etc. It is about restoration of the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.  As Sealed Indictments and Military Tribunals go more public, people who understand what's going on and why can help family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers make sense of the shift. That will help make the transition smoother for the nation. The video is an easy way to get informed and help others who are not be aware of this shift gain a deeper understanding.


Video: Deep State Takedown & Military Tribunals! How We Know (Updated!)

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