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White Draco Royals_Corey Goode

There are many humanoid Reptilian ETs. Some are friendly to humans. The Draco are not. The word "draconian" may be based on our experience with them! The Draco royals are white. The Draco Jason Rice met are brown.

In Season 6: Episode 13, Corey Goode confirmed that there is a connection between the Draco and the Orion Constellation although he doesn’t know if that’s where they came from. People report seeing triangles with the Orion symbol displayed inside and on Draco ships. David Wilcock said that he has heard from other insiders that the Draco control major sectors of Orion and have a big settlement there. Corey said that the Draco have been in just about every star system that we can see with our naked eye and have caused problems in of those systems -– conquered some of them, been kicked out of others.

The Law of One says the Draco have underground and undersea bases where they work with humans.
The Draco’s goal is to collaborate with powerful negative people to enslave the rest of the population. Corey confirms that the first group that the Draco contacted here were the Nazis. The Draco maintain that they are entitled to the Earth because they were conducting a humanoid Reptilian experiment here before the "Grand Experiment" of the 40-60 groups in the Super Federation. which began 500,000 years ago. However, other reports say that the Draco came to Earth just 375,000 years ago. Some Reptilian ETs say they originated on Earth millions of years ago.

When Corey met with the 14ft Draco royal depicted below, he found the experience so unpleasant and intimidating that he refused to ever meet with one again. Corey said that there was a musky smell of urine! He said the Draco "grabbed" his mind in an intrusive way that felt like a mental rape!

Corey announced in the February 27, 2018 show of Season 10: Episode 2 that the Draco will no longer be able to stay on Earth for the next 1,000 years because the rising frequency of the energies coming in from the solar system are incompatible with their negative energy. Some will try to hide in caverns in the Earth. Few will be able to leave the planet now.

Ra-Tear-Ir, the Blue Avian with whom Corey has met, introduced Corey to Ambassador Micca of the Olmecs who defeated the Draco 900 years ago. The Olmecs are here to help humanity through this transition period now.


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