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Super Earth

Corey Goode says in Season 4: Episode 1 that the Super Earth was called “Maldek" or "Tiamat". In Season 5: Episode 1, Researcher Richard Hoagland says Mars was a watery moon around the Super Earth. There was as war between Super Earth and Mars 500,000 years ago. Super Earth or Mars hijacked one of the Death Stars (moons) of the Protective Grid that the Ancient Builder Race had put up to protect our Local Star Cluster (53 stars). Super Earth or Mars was trying to use the Death Star as a weapon. Super Earth exploded and brought down the Protective Grid. There was debris flying all around and it was crazy in our Solar System for quite some time.

The people on Super Earth had built a ring of transparent aluminum alloy around Saturn as a weapon to destroy other worlds. The ring contained rooms built for people 70-90 feet tall!!! That ring was destroyed with the Super Earth, but caused the rings around Saturn full of artifacts now.

The Asteroid Belt used to be part of Super Earth. The comets or ice in certain regions are the oceans from the failed planet. Mars was damaged on one side by massive impacts which may have stripped away its main atmosphere.

Refugees from the Super Earth and Mars came to Earth.

Once the Protective Grid was down, Super Federation groups came in and interfered with the civilizations in the Local Star Cluster. The Draco Reptilians came in about 375,000 to 365,000 years ago at the same time that Earth had waves of refugees from the Super Earth and Mars. So, Earth had a lot going on. 

The Pre-Adamites whose civilization was recently found in Antarctica crash landed on Earth 50,000 years ago. Some of them are still in "stasis" waiting to be awakened! Obama, Putin, the head of the Greek Orthodox church, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and others have rushed to Antarctica to see the remains.

David Wilcock
pointed out that The Law of One says the first Third Density life on Earth arrived 35,000 years ago – starting with people re-incarnating from the Mars-destroyed civilization.


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