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The Sentinel

In Season 6: Episode 3 called Encounters With Ancient Sentinels, Corey Goode describes his trip to Venus with Priestess Ka'Aree on the Anshar craft. They visited the only intact operating facility of the Ancient Builder Race who originated on Venus 2.5 billion years ago where they ascended from Third to Fourth Density.

Corey could see a giant H-shaped building sitting inside a crater. A line went all the way across the building, dividing it into two buildings. He saw a flash and they went down at a very high rate of speed. He felt a falling feeling in his stomach.

Corey said there is nothing he could compare the sheer size of the buildings to. The buildings are colossal. They were miles in height and looked ancient, weathered.

With no warning, a 14-foot tall white Being whom the Anshar call the "Sentinel’ appeared wearing clothing that looked like shiny white plastic. It had black eyes.  The Sentinel had refused to let "Gonzales" enter the building on an earlier trip because he said Gonzales lacked sufficient humility. The Sentinel had very chiseled cheeks and white “hair”. It seemed to be some sort of intelligent hologram. It just looked at them and didn’t communicate. It turned and went through the passage way and led them into the larger cavern. Corey said later that the Sentinel is not Artificial Intelligence, but may be a projection of someone who lived there in the past.

When Corey walked in, the structure seemed similar to a pyramid except that the corners curved rather than being square. There was an area that was curved and went up about 300 feet. The tower was over a 1,000 feet tall – almost to the top of the giant cavern. It seemed brand new. On one corner, there was a symbol that looked like a backward “E”. All of a sudden, the tinted glass went clear and lots of other symbols appeared – moving horizontally in every direction. The symbols were pulsing the colors of the spectrum. Corey was hearing a full range of tones along the octave scale.


Ka’Aree told Corey that the symbols were the mathematical language of the Ancient Builder Race
Corey was not prepared for what happened next.

When the Sentinel communicated with Corey, it was more powerful than the communication with the White Draco. Corey could feel the communication in all of his body at the same time. The Sentinel asked Corey, “Would you like to know who you are, who you were, and who you will be? When Corey said, “No”, Ka’Aree folded her arms across her chest and looked down with a  big smile like she was expecting him to say that! Corey doesn’t want an answer to that question because he believes that it would change all his personal relationships and he is very much a family man. Corey said that perhaps he knows something deep down that he doesn’t want to know consciously.

The Sentinel disappeared without a word and all the symbols stopped except the backwards “E”. The structure went tinted again. They started to walk out and Corey couldn’t believe that was it! He was expecting a tour of some Ancient Builder Race ruins. So, he was disappointed and let down. He asked Ka’Aree what had just happened.

Ka'Aree explained that information has been imparted to Corey and received from him. Corey felt like some giant Zip file had been put on his hard drive (mind). He could feel it taking up space, but he didn’t have the password to access the information! Ka’Aree explained that it would make sense in the near future. The feeling Corey had was that had he answered “Yes” to the question, he would have had access to the information in the Zip file then.

The next stop was Saturn where Corey would meet the Sentinel again and witness the destruction of ancient Mars!


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