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Galactic Federation

On the Cosmic Disclosure show in Season 10: Episode 2 on February 27, 21o8, Corey Goode mentioned the Galactic Federation (of which the Sphere Being Alliance is a part) for the first time, as shown in point #3 below. Corey reported on the meeting that took place at the Super Federation facility on December 16, 2017.


At that meeting, Ra-Tear Eir, the Blue Avian who chose Corey as his spokesman, made four major announcements:


  1. End of "Grand Experiment": Ra-Tear-Eir had Corey announce that the Council of Saturn had ended the 22 genetic and spiritual experiments which 60 ET groups in the Super Federation had conducted on humanity for the last 500,000 years  in their "Grand Experiment". The purpose of the experiments was to prepare humanity to ascend to Fourth Density during the Solar Flash.

  2. New Super Federation Council: Ra-Tear-Eir announced that the Super Federation was replaced by a new Super Federation Council governed by the Guardians who will help humanity guide its own genetic and spiritual development. The 53 Solar System Ambassadors will serve on the Board.

  3. Protection Against Draco Reptilians: Corey said that the Galactic Federation will now assist us with the Draco Empire. They will not remove them for us, but will provide support that allows us to clean up our own house. We will really only have to contend with the Artificial Intelligence threat until a series of solar events clears them from the Solar System.

    The Guardians have created an energy structure in our solar system that makes it impossible for the Draco Reptilians (with whom the Nazis and cabal have been collaborating to control Earth since the 1940s) to exist in our space for the next 1,000 years! "
    "Gonzales" pointed out that this echoes a Biblical prophecy!

See, the transcript of the show on Corey's Sphere Being Alliance site: Cosmic Disclosure: End of the Super Federation.

Trial at the Super Federation

In Season 10: Episode 11 which aired on May 1, 2018, Emery Smith said that many civilizations around the universe that started at the same time we did have advanced far beyond us because they got Anti-Gravity and Free Energy (that Nikola Tesla tried to give us 100 years ago, but was stopped by JP Morgan).

Emery said that there is going to be a huge meeting soon at the Galactic Federation where five leaders from this planet will be summoned to appear before the Galactic Court to explain why they held us back! From their answers, the Galactic Federation will be able to see that the 300 major corporations are responsible.
So, the Galactic Federation will put the corporate leaders on trial -- and it will be impossible for them to lie. Emery did not say what the penalties will be!

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