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Trump's Amazing Role: Hero of the Earth Alliance!

Donald Trump may be the world's most unlikely hero! For the first 18 months of his presidency, many people dismissed him as a loud-mouth clown! He was accused of being a bigot. Some people fear that his slogan "Make American Great Again" was code for "Make America White Again". Trump has been accused of being a racist, fascist Nazi! He has been ridiculed in late-night comedy shows and in the corporate media.

It was not until late 2018 that Trump's true role on the world stage was revealed -- as shown in the video and film below!

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Trump: Chosen by the Earth Alliance to Save America / Planet Earth!

Jerome Corsi is the author of the 2018 book Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump which is an Amazon #1 best-seller. In the video Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to Face Military Tribunals for Treason, Corsi explains that he was approached by three generals when Obama was president who wanted to stage a coup because Obama was committing treason on such a massive scale that it endangered the US. However, they were very reluctant to do that because their belief in the rule of law is so deep. They changed their minds when they were able to convince Trump to run for the presidency and save America from the globalists and Deep State.


At about 1:45 in the film Above Majestic: The Implications of the Secret Space Program, Corey Goode of the Secret Space Program explains the same set of events that Corsi reported. However, Corey explains that it was the "Earth Alliance" (an international group fighting the cabal) who approached the generals with the idea of a coup. Corey said that the generals made one last-ditch attempt to get rid of the cabal legally and that's when they asked Trump to run for the presidency. Corey said the generals' goal was "to legally get the country back". David Wilcock explains around 1:47 in the film that the Alliance now consists of a majority in the personnel in the US military and US intelligence community.


Imagine what would have happened to America if there had been a military coup while Obama was president! Whom would the generals have chosen for president? How would they have handled the public unrest? What would have happened to the US Constitution? So, Trump has already saved America just by agreeing to run for office and by winning the presidency -- against all odds! 


This also means that when Trump gave his historic speech at the UN on September 25 in which he defied the globalists and pronounced that he is a proud nationalist, he was not just speaking for himself -- or even just for America. He knew that the US military and US intelligence community had his back. Trump knew that he was also speaking for the Earth Alliance that is defying the global cabal. Trump is simply leading the plan of the US military and the Earth Alliance to save America, rescue humanity, and protect Planet Earth!!!  A growing number of Americans, like the Democrats in the #WalkAway Movement and the Blexit (Black Exit) Movement led by Kanye West joined Trump -- voting red in the midterm elections.

Military Tribunals for "Deep State"


David Wilcock mentions in the film that there were 45,000 Sealed Indictments earlier this year. By August, there were over 55,000. Kavanaugh will be the swing vote on the Supreme Court for the Military Tribunals, Obama reportedly will be tried in a Military Tribunal (along with Bush 41, Bush 43, and the Clintons) and sent to Gitmo for life if found guilty of treason. This is due process of law -- but it is unprecedented for US presidents to be charged with treason!!! However, most people don't remember that Clinton was going to be charged with treason for Chinagate -- but escaped when Monika Lewinsky saved him! The Tribunals will reportedly start shortly after the midterm elections. So, it is important for as many people as possible to understand what's going on and why now so they can help family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers make sense of a world turned upside down very quickly!


Wilcock calls this the "Second American Revolution"! He says this is the Golden Age promised in so many ancient traditions! Trump has signed a number papers agreeing to release a lot of advanced technologies -- which is part of the goal of Full Disclosure.

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