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Full Disclosure Project

Cosmic Disclosure show viewers are already getting Full Disclosure! The show tells us that one of the most important things we can do now to help raise consciousness before the Solar Flash which is expected between 2028-2029 is to demand Full Disclosure for the public. Full Disclosure will include not only the release of information about UFOs ant ETs that has been hidden for decades, but also the release of  advanced healing technologies and other technologies (like Free Energy and Anti-Gravity) that will quickly benefit all of humanity and the Earth.


In Season 12, Episode 8, Jason Rice and Jay Weidner (head of Gaia) discussed Full Disclosure. Both Jason and Jay are very hopeful that these technologies will come out because they see the exponential changes now as people are waking up as they see the lies. When enough people wake up, we can demand Full Disclosure and we will see a lot of change. Jason said that if the Cabal releases the technologies they have, Earth will have a Renaissance. People won’t have to work at jobs they hate because there will be no power bills to pay. Every house will have a shoe-box sized power generator that doesn’t require fossil fuels.

Education will be similar to the “chair beds” used in the Space Program where you just get a “download” of information. You could sit in a chair and learn anything you wanted to in an hour. You could get on a transportation craft and go anywhere in the Solar System or the galaxy. You could go work on the other side of the Milky Way. Reconciliation will be necessary because of all the crimes the Cabal has committed.

In the January 21, 2018 update on David Wilcock's Cosmic Disclosure site, Corey Goode said, "We have just launched the new Full Disclosure Project website and have 18 presentations available to the public to view for free".  Encourage family and friends to check out that site and to subscribe to the Cosmic Disclosure show! Let them know that this site makes it easy to get up-to-speed quickly!


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