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In Season 1: Episode 9, Corey Goode reported that Ra-Tear-Eir, one of the Blue Avians, told him that we are meant to live much longer and have time to develop spiritually. Since we are still spiritual children when we die, we need help in our short life times to advance. We are receiving help from high-density beings who provide information in dreams and in other ways to help us progress at the end of this major cycle, to get to where we need to be in time.


In Season 6: Episode 9, Corey said that the goal of the SSP Alliance is to bring the advanced technology to all of humanity at the same time which is the goal of the Full Disclosure Project. That would have a positive effect on the Ascension process – it would be a different world.

In Season 6: Episode 10, Corey reported that Ra-Tear-Eir discussed the 300,000 people who are ready to ascend. Tear-Eir explained that the number is in constant flux. David Wilcock pointed out that studies have shown that if 7,000 people meditate, that lowers crime worldwide by 72%. He added that a lot more than 7,000 people are watching the Cosmic Disclosure series. He asked Corey if we could significantly raise the number of people who are ready to ascend just by being more positive every day. Corey said, “Absolutely”.

Ra-Tear-Eir said that there have never been more Wanderers on the planet in its whole history than now. David said most of the people watching the show are Wanderers here to help us through the transition. The number in 1981 was 65 million. David and Corey agreed that the number now is in excess of 300 million. Corey asked Ra-Tear-Eir what percentage he is “Service-to-Others” and was disappointed at the answer. Ra-Tear-Eir said we are holding onto too many Third Density issues. Once we let those go, it will be easier for this energetic change to have a positive effect.

We will be ready for the Optimal Temporal Reality – best-case scenario for our collective consciousness – Ascension.


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