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Example of Inspiring Generosity!

When Charlie Ball got a group email from Kenneth Walker, a high school classmate he had not seen for 50 years , he responded in a big way. Kenneth explained that he needed a kidney transplant to save his life. Although Charlie had been in a play with Kenneth  in high school, they had not been close friends, However, Charlie got tested. When the tests revealed that he would be a good match, he volunteered one of his kidneys and flew from the West Coast to Washington, DC to prepare for the operation!

Kenneth, a journalist, was working as National Public Radio's Africa bureau chief in South Africa when he got sick and received the wrong treatment. Eventually, the misdiagnosis led to his kidneys crashing multiple times, even going code blue once. After the operation, Kenneth said he has a new outlook on life. "I began to have a gradually increasing sense of well-being that became a sense of euphoria. It might be as simple as having the first pain-free day in over a year". Charlie said: "It’s profound to be able to change someone’s life in such a positive way".

Charlie and Kenneth are planning now to travel to South Africa together!


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