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Fearing #13: Hiding Enlightenment

Americans reportedly fear the number "13" so much that many apartment and office buildings skip the 13th floor in numbering and go from the 12th to the 14th floor! Why do we fear a number?! Some say that the fear comes from a subconsciously association with the arrest (and later murder) of the Knights Templar by the Catholic Church on Friday, the 13 in 1307.

However, perhaps there is a more powerful and more hidden reason.

​Hiding Enlightenment in Plain Sight!


For the ancient Egyptians and the Mayans, the #13 represents Enlightenment, Ascension, and Unconditional Love! Is the true meaning of the #13 being hidden from us -- just as many other aspects of Enlightenment are? Western civilization is the only major culture in which Enlightenment is not the goal of life. Enlightenment empowers and frees the individual and keeps a society stable and harmonious. Without Enlightenment, we are prisoners in a Dark Age in the "Land of the Free".

Enlightenment is hidden from us in plain sight in many symbols in our culture, including those discussed below.


  1. Caduceus: Although the Caduceus is the symbol of Western medicine -- it is NEVER explained! We are never told that it is an ancient symbol of Enlightenment. The two snakes rising up the staff represent the masculine and feminine Kundalini energies rising up the spine through the Chakras to the Pineal Gland where they explode in Enlightenment symbolized by the wings. The goal of true physical, mental, and emotional healing is to create an enlightened person.

  2. Eye of Horus: The Eye of Horus shown on the back of our dollar bill at the top of an Egyptian pyramid represents the Third Eye or the Pineal Gland. The Horian Path was one of the Paths of Enlightenment in ancient Egypt. We see this symbol every day, but it has no meaning for us because it is NEVER explained. Most of the Founding Fathers of America were Masons. The wisdom of ancient Egypt has been hidden in the Masonic lodges now for over 2,000 years. The Founding Fathers valued Egypt so much that they chose an Egyptian obelisk for the Washington Monument in the nation's capital to represent our first president. The Lincoln Memorial is based on an Egyptian monument, as is Mount Rushmore.

  3. Pineal Gland: The Pineal Gland looks like a pine cone. It is considered the "Third Eye" and the source of neuro-melanin associated with Enlightenment. The Catholic Church shows that it knows the importance of the Pineal Gland -- and thus melanin and Enlightenment with its huge Pine Cone Statue in the Pine Cone Courtyard of the Vatican. It is the largest statue in Vatican City, dwarfing people nearby. However, the Catholic Church NEVER mentions the importance of the Pineal Gland or Enlightenment. Why?

  4. Egyptian Pharoahs: The Egyptian pharoahs wore two snakes on their crowns to show their Enlightenment. These are the two snakes shown in the Caduceus representing the rising Kundalini energies that meet and explode in the Pineal Gland.

  5. Christian Cross: The Christian Cross is based on the Egyptian Ankh, the symbol of life. However, the Cross is the Ankh with the sign of Enlightenment (loop at the top) removed. Often, the crucified body of Jesus is added to the Cross. So, instead of focusing on Life and Enlightenment, Christians have a symbol that encourages them to focus on death and torture.

  6. Christmas Celebration: Santa Claus dressed in a red and white suit, flying through the sky on a sled driven by reindeer to deliver gifts through the roofs of homes for Christmas, bringing a pine trees indoors, decorating it, and giving gives are all based on the Enlightenment practices of the Saami in Scandinavia.

    Because the Saami worship the red and white Fly Agaric mushroom, their shamans dress in red in white suits to represent the mushroom. The Saami culture is based on reindeer which are said to "fly" when they eat the mushroom. The shamans hang the mushrooms on pine trees to dry and on the Winter Solstice (December 21), they descend through the roofs of each yurts (home)  to deliver the gift of the mushrooms which provide enlightenment when eaten.

    For Christmas, we have copied many parts of the Saami tradition -- but left out the Enlightenment! Instead, for many people, Christmas is a shopping event in which they often overspend on gifts others may not really need or want!

  7. Shift of the Ages: Some Westerners may be aware that we are now moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius -- a shift in the Precession that happened every 2,400 years. However, that shift doesn't have much meaning.

    Few Westerners have heard of the East Indian Yugas Cycle which explains the level of consciousness (enlightnement) of each period of history. We are now moving out of Kali Yuga (Dark Age / Material Age / Iron Age) into Dwapara Yuga (Enegy Age / Mental Age / Bronze Age). Understanding the Yugas, let us know that the world fell into the Dark Age about 2,400 years ago. That was when the Romans destroyed the Library of Alexandria where the Greeks had studied with the Egyptians priests for 700 years. Understanding the Yugas Cycle provides a lot of hope because it explains that we are now ascending out of the Dark Age.

Process of Enlightenment


Understanding these symbols leads to an understanding of the following concepts central to Enlightenment:

  1. Chakras: The East Indian system shows 7 chakras (energy centers) along the spine, symbolizing levels of consciousness. The lower three chakras are associated with ego. The 4th chakra is at the heart. The 5th chakra is at the throat and represents speaking truth. The 6th chakra represents intuitive abilities and the 7th chakra at the Pineal Gland indicates Enlightenment. The Chakras are a helpful "yardstick" by which to measure our own progress, to understand the level of awareness of others, and to evaluate a culture. Western culture is stuck in the lower three chakras because we are not taught about the Chakras, Kundalini, the Pineal Gland, or Enlightenment.

  2. Kundalini Energy: The snakes in the caduceus represent the masculine and feminine Kundalini energies rising through the spine as a person raises his/her consciousness to the Pineal Gland and reaches Enlightenment. The entire educational system in Egypt was designed to facilitate this process. The Egyptian knowledge traveled to the Dravidians in south India where it was adopted by the Aryans when they invaded later. The Principles of Maat which facilitated Enlightenment kept Egypt stable and the light of the world for thousands of years. Dr. Muata Ashby has written over 50 books and has many wonderful DVDs on this and related Egyptian subjects.

  3. Melanin: The Pineal Gland secrets neuro-melanin which is responsible for Enlightenment. The subject of melanin is a very vast one that includes the Dark Matter of the universe, the role of carbon in vegetation (and thus coal, oil, and diamonds) on Earth, our conception and development, our perception, and our Enlightenment. Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum's mind-blowing books and YouTube videos provide valuable insight into the amazing, pervasive role of Melanin.



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