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How Nazis Won WWII!

In Season 2: Episode 1, Corey Goode explains that the breakaway civilization began in the 1920s and 1930s in Germany where some secret societies were channeling –- trying to contact groups from other worlds. The German secret societies were also scouring the Earth for ancient texts from the East that talked about Vimana and other ancient craft. The Germans hoped to could get information to engineer space craft.

David Wilcock points out that a UFO crashed in the Black Forest of Germany in 1936 on the land of the family of Eva Braun who later became Hitler’s wife. Technology was recovered from the craft. Corey said that through channeling, in the 1920s, the German secret societies made contact with another civilization -- one of the Draco Reptilian groups -- and arranged meetings with them!

In the 1930s, German secret societies also made contact with the Agarthans through expeditions in the Himalayas. They are Nordic-looking beings who were an ancient human breakaway civilization that had existed under the Himalayas for tens of thousands of years. They live in a network of very sophisticated, high-tech underground cities and have space craft. The German secret societies received scientific help from the Draco Reptilians and the Agarthans. After the Germans developed  their Bell craft, the Agarthans rode with the Germans in these craft in the beginning.

Since the Germans knew the war was going to go badly for them before the end of WWII, they created enclaves in South America and Antarctica. The Agarthans had introduced them to a ruined area under the ice in Antarctica. The Nazis set up  operations in bases in Antarctica given them by the Reptilians.

As shown further below, the Nazis were able to win WWII from Antarctica although Germany lost the war!

Operation Paperclip / Operation Highjump

In Season 2: Episode 4, Corey points out that in Operation Paperclip, the US obtained hundreds of Nazi scientists (shown below) and highly-advanced technology -- many more than is generally known. The Nazis were at least 20-30 years ahead of the US. The US put the Nazi scientists into our fledgling space program and gave them quite a bit of power as they started proving themselves to be valuable assets. Verner Von Braun became the head of NASA.

US intelligence learned that the German breakaway groups had developed enclaves in South America and in Antarctica where they had a very large military base. So, in 1947, the Department of Defense sent a large war fleet called “Operation Highjump” under the command of Rear Admiral Richard Byrd to Antarctica. The fleet included battleships, destroyers, air craft carriers, submarines, etc. Operation Highjump was expected to defeat the Nazis in six months.


However, Operation Highjump ran into high technology that they didn’t expect. Highly-advanced air craft came up out of the water and from mainland Antarctica that were shooting down the US craft and caused major damage on several destroyers. American lives were lost and they were soundly defeated. The fleet came back to the US in two months. Admiral Byrd went before the Department of Defense, President Truman, and Joint Chiefs. His Captain’s Log is still under lock and key today!

UFOs Over DC Capitol / Treaty With Nazis

So, a dialogue began between Washington and the Nazis through radio communications. After a meeting between President Truman and the German group which made heavy demands Truman didn’t like, things were at a standstill. However, the Nazis in Antarctica found out through the Nazi Paperclip scientists that after the UFO crash at Roswell, the US policy was never to tell the public about ETs or advanced technology. The German breakaway group in Antarctica took advantage of that by doing fly-bys over the US – including the 1952 fly-overs of Washington, DC.

David said he had always thought that it was ETs whose UFOs flew over the US Congress in 1952. However, they were the UFOs of the German breakaway group! That was their way of saying, “Agree to our terms and sign a treaty with us – or we will let the American people know about ETs and advanced technologies”. The Germans understood that public knowledge of ETs and their technology was the worst nightmare of the American government because it would lose control over oil and the economy. They would also lose political credibility.

Nazi Takeover of American Military Industrial Complex

In Season 2: Episode 4, Corey explained that during Truman’s administration, the President still controlled the military. When Truman and Ike signed treaties with the Nazi breakaway group in Antarctica, that allowed the Nazis to come to the US. The Americans planned to infiltrate them and get their technology, find a way to defeat them, and come out the winner. However, the Nazis had the same plan! The Nazis needed access to our corporations to use our industrial infrastructure. They wanted to use the American industrial might that defeated Germany in WWII to build their own infrastructure in our Solar System and in Deep Space. The Nazis won the competition of who would infiltrate whom.


The Nazis completely infiltrated our Military Industrial Complex! The Nazis were accepted onto the boards of American companies because they could provide the most advanced technologies and help the companies make money. This is why Eisenhower warned in his Farewell Address to the nation about the unwarranted rise of power and influence of the Military Industrial Complex. By the end of the 1950s and early 1960s, the Nazis had also infiltrated our intelligence agencies! After that, the Nazis had basically taken over the US government!


Once the Nazis had a firm grip on our infrastructure, they started the massive build-out in the secret space programs. With the help of the Reptilians, the Nazis built the Lunar Operations Command (LOC) on the Moon. In the “Brain Drain” of the 1950s-1980s, 50-60 million top scientists around the world were recruited to join the space programs -- and disappeared off the face of the Earth as they went to Nazi facilities on  Mars!

Fortunately, Corey reported in the ground-breaking Season 10: Episode 2 that humanity had defeated the Reptilians (and thus the Nazis) in late 2017 and won the hidden WWIII!

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