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Red-Haired Giants

The Red-Haired Giants were genetically-engineered by the Pre-Adamites to control humanity when they crash landed in Antarctica 50,000 years ago.  One common trait is that they might have double sets of teeth due to a genetic abnormality caused by the improper mixing of different DNA types.

In a January 2018 update on David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos site, "Gonzales" told Corey Goode that the giants would go on hunting parties to obtain any meat that they could find. Many of these hunting parties would come back with human captives whom they would eat one at a time. This went on for thousands of years, from the time of the Ice Age / "Atlantis" cataclysm until more recently when humans began to rise in population and became more organized. When the Pre-Adamites disappeared, the humans turned on the giants who had to live mostly underground or near the surface in caves.

Giants Awakened From Stasis


Corey explained in Season 1: Episode 6 that the Ancient Builder Race technology allowed the Pre-Adamites to lie down on a stone bed that would create a time bubble around them so time on the inside would occur at a slower rate than time on the outside. They took something that made them go to sleep -- to put themselves in "stasis". In their experience, they would feel that they had slept 20 minutes when 30,000 years had passed by.

Corey said that Stasis Beings have been found all over the planet -- some of a different ethnic group. The Red-Headed Giants have been found in Europe and North and South America and ruled a very large area. Some groups believed they were ETs. The advanced stone technology that the Stasis Beings used was littered beneath the surface. It has lasted for millions of years. In some locations, the stasis technology had failed and the beings were deceased. There are many dozens of sites in the US and across Europe, going into Asia. Some people who found the Stasis Beings saw them as gods and left them alone.

Many from the giants' royal and priest castes used Ancient Builder Race technologies to put themselves into stasis. They left clear instructions for their remaining people to remain hidden and manage their numbers to survive in the few sanctuaries that had been located. Gonzales explained that about 26 of the Royal/Priest castes had been retrieved from stasis chambers! The bulk of these giants were being held in facilities controlled by the cabal or assets of the Draco Reptilians. He stated that over 130 more of these Stasis Beings had been taken to these areas. Among the giants being held in these facilities were an entire ruling-class family. They have traumas and physical issues that developed from remaining underground, with a diet that had barely sustained them.


Gonzales has been attempting to make an agreement with the giants to allow the Mayans to provide healing technologies for them. Gonzales said that the giants in the sanctuaries are so psychologically messed up that he can barely deal with them. He said they refuse to receive healing until the rest of their Royals/Priests are returned. Since the Alliance and Anshar had liberated a few of them in the past, the giants expected them to be able to liberate the rest of their people.

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