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Cosmic Web

David Wilcock pointed out in Season 2: Episode 14 that the universe is estimated to be 12-13,8 billion years old. In Season 7: Episode 16, Bill Tompkins, author of Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs pointed out that it is now accepted that there are 200 trillion galaxies!! The Hubble Telescope has taken pictures back billions of years ago of the energetic connections between all of these galaxies -- the filaments that form the Cosmic Web. Everything in time and space is connected. David explained that the latest NASA studies show that there are as many Earth-like planets in the universe as there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth! 

Corey Goode
said he learned from the Smart Glass Pad that there was sentient life on other planets before Earth was even formed. Many ETs have extremely long life spans. Corey said stars produce water and the sun creates the harmonic wave that allows life to form. Corey explained that time is different in the center of the galaxy and that civilizations develop at different rates based on their position in the galaxy. David confirmed that his insider “Jacob” said that the civilizations in the center of the galaxy are so much more advanced than ours that it’s almost incomprehensible to us.


Corey added that Earth is an example of the template that is all over the cosmos! So, there could be civilizations much older than ours that have developed very high technology. Human beings originally had life spans approaching 1,000 years. Our Solar System is on one of the arms of the Milky Way Galaxy — and is at the tip of that arm. We’re in the boonies – not in the center of the galaxy Since all galaxies rotate, eventually our Solar System will be thrown off and may be picked up by the next galaxy! Corey said in Season 1: Episode 12 that our Galaxy is just a tiny spot in the Local Galaxy Cluster.

Corey explained that there is already a lot of commerce between our Solar System and the other solar systems. However, the bartering is in the hands of a very fascist group. After Disclosure, we can have trade based on the best interests of humanity. Corey said that he would expect exchange opportunities for musicians, artists, and teachers because all planets have art! However, Corey said that we will continue to be isolated until we go through the upcoming Consciousness Renaissance so we can evolve enough to relate to other galactic cultures.


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