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Electric Sun

In Season 1: Episode 9, Corey Goode explained that the Sun is very different from what our physicists have told us. The sun is electric. Scientists who are talking about the electro-plasma model of the universe are correct. Torsion fields are also involved in the galaxy, stars, and planets. Corey was shown that our entire universe is a torsion field.  Our star is called “Sol”. It consists of a small metallic core and metallic outer shell that function like an anode and cathode. The sun spots are like tiny tornadoes that spiral into the core. They spin around and crisscross each other as they spiral down to the core.


David Wilcock pointed out that when we see sunspots from Earth, they look like tubes of energy bursting out which is called the “Solar Prominence”. Corey explained that, depending on the Sun’s behavior, these are also Star Gates used by ET groups to go in and out of our Solar System Corey said there is a wide open empty area inside the Sun. There is a very large area of the Sun that is molten and on fire. The space scientists discovered that it’s hotter on the outside of the Sun and cooler on the inside.

Our Solar System is part of our Local Star Cluster of 53 stars (suns). The Ancient Builder Race created a grid consisting of large moons to protect the Local Star Cluster. However, that grid was destroyed in the war between Super Earth and Mars. When the grid went down, 40-60 "Genetic Farmer Races" came to Earth 500,000 years ago to conduct their Grand Experiment -- 22 genetic, spiritual, and cosmic experiments. However, Ra-Teir-Ir, the Blue Avian with whom Corey has been meeting, said on December 16, 2017 at the Super Federation that the Grand Experiment has now ended. Humanity will now assume responsibility for our own evolution -- with the help of the new Guardians.

Corey reported this game-changing announcement in Season 10: Episode 2: End of the Super Federation on 2/27/18.


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