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Film: Above Majestic: The Implications of the Secret Space Program

Above Majestic: The Implications of the Secret Space Program was released on Amazon and iTunes on October 30, 2018,  You can watch the Trailer and the buy the film for about $12. Later, you will be able to rent the film. The film features David Wilcock and Corey Goode and includes many of the guests who have appeared on the Cosmic Disclosure show.

The Cosmic Disclosure show can be seen the the first step in Full Disclosure. This film is the second step. It will reach a wider audience for a number of reasons. While a great deal of the film will be shocking for people who have accepted the UFO/ET coverup, the film explains an extremely positive future now for humanity. We are entering a new
Golden Age!


Wilcock calls this the "Second American Revolution"! Amazingly, that is true primarily because Donald Trump agreed to run for the presidency! Trump has signed a number papers agreeing to release a lot of advanced technologies -- which is part of the goal of Full Disclosure. Wilcock points out that this is the Golden Age promised in many ancient traditions!


Note: The most important thing each person can do now is to share this information and to raise their own consciousness.
This site provides a number of ways to do that on many pages in the Guests and New Earth! sections, and in the Blogs.


See Trump's Amazing Role.

Recommendation: People who have not watched the Cosmic Disclosure show may find it easier to start at about 1:44 into the film (the last 28 minutes) where Trump announces that we stand at the birth of a new millennium and watch until the end. Then, watch from the beginning of the film later.

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