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Navigating Portals

In Season 1: Episode 9, Corey Goode said that NASA recently reported that our Sun has a portal, a magnetic filament connection to every planet in our Solar System. These filaments are the portals. It’s an electro-magnetic filament with a strong Torsion Field that acts like a traversable Worm Hole.

It’s happening within the
Torsion Field of each Solar System. Corey said that the Galaxy is a giant Torsion Field. Corey pointed that the Sun is being fed by waves hitting that it cause the outside to be so active. The Sun is also being fed through the Cosmic Web. Corey explained that every star is connected to every other star through an electro-magnetic filament. So, things that happen in a star somewhere else can be fed back through this network and affect our Sun.

In Season 1: Episode 12 , David Wilcock explained that insider Henry Deacon said that there are ancient and modern Star Gates and PortalsCorey confirmed that there is a “Natural Portal System” which is part of the Cosmic Web. He said both ancient and current Portal Systems use this natural Cosmic Web Portal System to travel. He pointed out that several ancient Portal Systems have been found on Earth which were left behind by several ancient groups. These vary in their sophistication. Some do very short point-to-point jumps. Corey said there are two gates and there are several different ages for these ancient gates going all the way back to the Ancient Builder Race. Other gate systems found on the Earth are younger and look different. However, they were reverse-engineered and use the same addressing system.

If a person is traveling to a place 10 solar systems away, 3 or 4 “hops” may be required to get there.


Portal Addressing System

Corey said that finding the Portals and using them are totally different things! Portals work on an Addressing System that is much like the Mac Address or IP Address in computer systems. The Mac Address is the machine’s hardware address. The IP Address is the Internet Protocol Address.

David said that his contact Daniel gave him the complete numerical address of the Earth!


  • There is a series of 3 single digits between 1 and 9.

  • Then, there is a series of digits between 1 and 99.

  • The last number is between 1 and 999.

Example: to identify Galaxy--Solar System--Planet

David said the last 3 digits for Earth are “606” and Mars is “605”. He reported that Daniel said there is some ancient race that puts these ancient gates on a planet. There is one central gate for each planet. When you dial into that address, it will take you to that Star Gate. Daniel said that almost any number you dial in will take you somewhere because all the numbers have been assigned. David said that the insider “Jacob” said that even in ancient times, this information was kept secret by the Celts and Druids. However, they had a technology for finding portals.

David said Daniel reported that there are hyper-advanced angelic ET groups monitoring this system so that if a planet of people graduates or ascends or otherwise leaves their planet, that gate address is recycled and given to another planet where the people are now evolving. So, for example, if the planet using number “540” graduates, “540” will be assigned to an emerging planet. The beings who assign the numbers put a Star Gate on a planet when it starts to have intelligent life so they can eventually find it and be able to travel there.



Hyper-Dimensional Physics

David said the addressing system is based on a 3-dimensional Sacred Geometry which he assumes is the Dodecahedron shape to define quadrants in units of 10. So, if the first digit is “5” that means that you are in the fifth quadrant of that 10-unit section. Corey explained that before we were able to start understanding how to use these Gates, we had to have a Hyper-Dimensional mathematics model handed to us by an ET group.

David said that Jean Martineau’s book
A Little Book of Coincidence: In the Solar System reveals the exquisite orbital patterns of the planets and the mathematical relationships that govern them. Martineau discovered that the relationships between the planets can be perfectly described by a series of nested geometries. Most of the correlations are based on platonic solids shown below. Corey said these symbols show up in the hyper-dimensional mathematics model and everything is just vibration. David said that the science of cymatics shows that geometry is the structure of vibration.

Corey explained that the space programs use a Hyper-Dimensional Model
to calculate portal travel. Every galaxy, star, and planet has a relationship with each other. The Secret Space Program bases its advanced technology on the understanding that the universe is a plasma-electric, torsion universe.  Corey explained that this information is being suppressed, but it has been used for a long time in the Secret Space Program. It has been handed down to us by ETs who have been using it for millions of years!

Corey pointed out that this model resolves the problems mainstream science can't understand!  He  said that scientists will not be able to progress using 18th and 19th century physics!



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