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Lunar Operations Command (LOC)

In Season 1: Episode 3, David Wilcock pointed out that the Lunar Operations Command (LOC) on the dark side of the Moon connects Earth to areas further out in space. Corey Goode said that the LOC was built onto an existing facility which was constructed in the late 1940s by the Nazi break-away group in Antarctica. The LOC is bell shaped with everything underground except the very top. Corey said that the Lunar Operations Command is built into the craters. The LOC is a focal point for human activity.


Corey commissioned the image below on the left to show how the Lunar Operations Command (LOC) originally looked when it was built by the Nazis and  the image below on the right to show how the facility looks now. The Secret Space Program expanded the layout to hide the swastika of the original design.

The Moon is a neutral zone. The back of the Moon is mapped out like Antarctica.where different regions are owned and inhabited by various ET groups. Many groups have warred with each for thousands of years elsewhee, but they have installations that are a couple of miles from each other on the Moon where have been there in peace for millennia. There is a Diplomatic Agreement about the Moon and none of the ETs will violate that. A lot of debris from ancient battles was left on areas of the Moon as a reminder of how devastating conflict can be.


In Season 7: Episode 16, Bill Tompkins, author of Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs pointed out that the Moon is not normal because it doesn’t rotate. He explained that it is a Command Center with 25-30 different civilizations. David said that Pete Petersen, another whistleblower who has been a guest on several episodes, told him that if we could see the Dark Side of the Moon, it would look like Manhattan at night!


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