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Season 7 - Part 1

David Wilcock began talking with Corey Goode in October 2014 and recording his testimony. The Cosmic Disclosure show began airing in mid-2015. It airs each Tuesday on Gaia and Amazon Prime. The transcript (with photos) for each show is available on Corey's Sphere Being Alliance site. The dates may reflect when each show was recorded -- not necessarily when it aired.

However, it's important to support the courageous work of David and Corey. At about $10 a month on Gaia and Amazon Prime, the price is in easy reach of most people. David and Corey (and some of the show's guests) have put their lives on the line for this first step toward Full Disclosure. The Cosmic Disclosure show is the ONLY place telling us how to prepare for the Solar Flash in 2028-2029. The show explains that mass consciousness will determine how we experience this event -- and that it is important for as many people as possible to raise their consciousness now. You can help by encouraging your family and friends to watch the show now. Let them know that they can use this site to catch up quickly and easily!


The transcripts for Episodes 1-16 of Season 7 are linked to below. Many topics are covered including the recruitment of thousands of Nazi scientists in Project Paperclip, their take-over of our military industrial complex, and their base on the moon. Priestess Ka'Aree of the Anshar of Inner Earth takes Corey to Antarctica to view the recent discovery of the remains of the Pre-Adamite civilization. They came to Earth 50,000 years ago -- and some of them are still in "stasis" -- ready to be awakened!  Obama, Putin, the head of the Greek Orthodox Church, and other world leaders have rushed to Antarctica to view these findings which may be revealed to the public during Partial Disclosure

Shown below are one of three advanced craft and the library of the Pre-Adamites who crated the Red-Haired Giants to control humanity. The leaders of the giants were also in stasis, but have been awakened.

  1. Lifting Military Industrial Curtain -- 12/31/16

  2. Revealing Hidden Technology With Heather Sartain -- 12/31/16

  3. The Law of One and the SSP: Negative Forces -- 12/31/16

  4. Law of One / SSPs: Consequences of Channeling -- 12/31/16

  5. The Great Solar Flash -- 12/31/16

  6. Transformational Power of the Great Solar Flash  -- 12/31/16

  7. Deeper Disclosures With William Tompkins -- 1/31/17

  8. Antarctica: The Process For Disclosure -- 1/31/17

  9. Corroborating the Evidence With Michael Salla -- 1/31/17

  10. Disclosure and the Secret Underground War -- 4/13/17

  11. Tracing the Roots of the SSP With Michael Salla -- 4/13/17

  12. Viewer Questions: Part 6 -- 4/13/17

  13. Pushing the Limits of Disclosure With John Lear -- 4/13/17

  14. Secrets of the Apollo Missions W/ William Tompkins -- 5/14/17

  15. Viewer Questions: Part 7 -- 5/14/17

  16. Astral Projection and Our Place in the Universe -- 5/14/17

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