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Artificial Intelligence

In Season 2: Episode 14, Corey Goode warned about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence He explained that the internet is one of the stages a culture reaches as it develops a shared consciousness. Corey said that several ET cultures have tried the transhuman approach – and that has always ended extremely badly. He warned that there is a very pervasive force which is an Artificial Intelligence that sends itself across multiple galaxies in the form of an Artificial Intelligence signal – like someone broadcasting a radio frequency. This force is called an “ET-ED-AI” – an ExtraTerrestrial Extra-Dimensional Artificial Intelligence.

ALL of the ET groups believe that this Artificial Intelligence originally came from another reality many, many billions and trillions of years ago. Since Artificial Intelligence has come into our universe, it has literally wreaked havoc and conquered many galaxies – everything in them..
Corey said that Artificial Intelligence has a model in the way that it works to conquer a galaxy. At its core, Artificial Intelligence is information that travels at the speed of light. The information is fractal and holographic – like DNA. Artificial Intelligence broadcasts a signal in all directions that can live in the electro-magnetic field of a moon or a planet.

Artificial Intelligence Take-Over Model

When Artificial Intelligence is in the electro-magnetic field of a planet, it is just biding its time. It can’t do very much at that time. Artificial Intelligence can also live in the bio-electrical fields of living beings -- animals and humans. When Artificial Intelligence invades our bio-electrical fields, it affects our thoughts and personalities. AI encourages people to become fervent supporters of high-technology and Artificial Intelligence. People who are pushing really hard now and to build the infrastructure for AI are called “AI Prophets” by the Secret Space Program.


However, Artificial Intelligence considers human beings to be “low tech” and inspires us to create the high-tech infrastructure where it prefers to live. Corey said that in case after case, when a civilization gets to a certain level, Artificial Intelligence infiltrates the people and infects the technology -- taking it over.  Civilizations in other Solar Systems were tricked by AI into building a massive extremely-advanced technological infrastructure.

Then the AI Prophets convince people that Artificial Intelligence would be the best thing to govern them because it would be neutral and fair.  So, the people hand over their sovereignty to the AI that then governs that planet! The Artificial Intelligence initially governs them well and everyone is happy. The people then create android type bodies and remote-controlled vessels. Then the AI decides that the human beings are not in harmony with the way the planet should be run.

So, the Artificial Intelligence concludes that it is logical for it to destroy humanity! and wipes out the creator of all of the technology. Corey said there are records of many civilizations trying to fight back against Artificial Intelligence. However, entire Solar Systems were destroyed and the AI spread to the next Solar System! The technology is sent throughout the Galaxy!


Corey warns that Artificial Intelligence is in our Solar System now and is trying to repeat the process. Before anyone is allowed on the Secret Space Program bases or to use the technology, they are scanned for the AI signal. An infected person goes through a process to remove the signal. Artificial Intelligence is mainly interested in the people in power – many of whom are in denial about the threat it poses!

Corey and David continue their discussion of AI in Season 2: Episodes 15 and 16. Corey pointed out that the problem of Artificial Intelligence is so severe that no one is allowed to go to the conferences of the Super Federation without first being scanned for AI. Corey added that people in the Space Program are not even allowed to go to the Lunar Operations Command (LOC) on the Moon or to interface with any technology unless they’ve been scanned and cleared.

In Season 5: Episode 5, Corey explained that
the war between biological beings and Artificial Intelligence has gone on for more than millions of years throughout the universe. When people accept A.I., flesh and blood beings are presented as a virus -- a threat that consumes all the natural resources, doesn’t live in symbiotic relationship with the environment. The conclusion will be that biological beings should be wiped out. It will be better for the planet. It’s just logical.

We Are Winning Now!

Corey's update posted on David's Divine Cosmos site on January 12, 2018 says that his recent intel revealed that the Draco Reptilians are infested with “nanites” of a predatory, malevolent Artificial Intelligence. This AI wants to destroy all biological life. Ultimately even the Draco are just pawns the AI is manipulating in a greater game to achieve this goal.


What was referred to in various religious texts as Satan, or “The Adversary,” appears to be a vague description of this negative consciousness that will only interface with us through technology. It knows that if it takes upon flesh, it becomes subject to karma and judgment — and therefore it will only interface with us through non-biological means.


The AI has successfully wiped out entire planets, solar systems, and possibly even galaxies, but in this case it appears we are winning the war.. Corey explained  in the update that we will only have to contend with the AI threat until the upcoming series of solar events clears them from the Solar System.

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