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Advanced Medical Technologies!

In Season 12, Episode 11, Emery Smith discussed the advanced medical technologies used in the secret projects. These are the kinds of technologies that will be made available to the public during Full Disclosure. The 2018 film starring David Wilcock and Corey Goode Above Majestic: The Implications of the Secret Space Program includes a clip (at about 1:44 minutes) of President Trump's inauguration speech in which he discussed the rollout of advanced technologies.


Emery is a medical technician who worked in underground labs for years for the Secret Space Program. Info about Emery is available on his site at: Emery has been a frequent guest on the Cosmic Disclosure show since Season 9 -- sometimes with David Wilcock as host and also sometimes accompanied by Corey Goode.


Emery explains to host George Noory that devices the size of your cell phone already exist that allow you to scan your body down to the cellular level, identify cancer cells, and cure them. However, the rollout of that technology to the public will meet with so much opposition that it will probably be done slowly. Emery’s goal is to get the technology released immediately. However, he has been repeatedly threatened for his efforts to do so. In 2017, when his life was severely threatened in multiple ways, Emery agreed to go public as a whistleblower after 10 years of confiding in David Wilcock.

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Intuitive Table Scans!

Emergy explained that the secret projects have tables that can scan your body when you lie on them. The tables project a very crystal clear 3D holographic image of your body, cell-by-cell, above your body that the doctor can move around. The doctor can “open” up the holographic image to see what’s going on before he operates on you! It shows exactly which biopsy to take from which part of the body. It’s similar to Artificial Intelligence. The programming is light years ahead of us and is reverse engineered from ET technology.


The table “knows” what is wrong with you. It knows which part of the body to fix.  Like the beam technologies created by Royal Rife in the early 20th century (which were suppressed), the table can shoot frequencies into your body to realign what needs to be fixed. Emery says that he believes these tables will be in every home because you don’t need to do anything. You just lie on top of it and the table can stop bleeding or heal a broken bone in hours. Through energies and frequencies, the table cures you. Emery has seen people get healed and cured on the tables. They are also on the space stations. It’s just a matter of time before we get this technology now.

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Fiber Optics Cables

The table is just one aspect of the unit. Fiber optics cables drop down out of the ceiling that can be 1-3 millimeters in diameter. They are like an assistant that knows what needs to be done. The tentacles that come down are so strong they can puncture the body or lift it up and turn it. They can support an appendage. It’s all voice-activated. It’s very intuitive. It kind of just “knows”. The cables can come down, attach to the body and scan it. They do it all with light. The cables can shoot photons into your body at an atomic level that allows the body to regenerate itself. There are ways to cure the body just by using various wave lengths of light! Your hearing and sight improve. It's possible to regrow or 3-D print limbs.


What that means is that you can almost live forever!


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