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Golden-Triangle Headed Being

The Golden Triangle-Head Being is one of the five members of the Sphere Being Alliance. Corey Goode met him and the Blue Avian Ra-Tear-Ir (another member of the Alliance) in March 2015. Corey was transported by a Blue Sphere (a third member of the Alliance) to a secret base on the moon known as Lunar Operations Command or LOC for the first time in many years. This happened almost immediately after Corey had finished giving David Wilcock his entire testimony over the phone in the preceding four months, all of which David. The Cosmic Disclosure show began airing shortly afterwards.

Corey said the Golden Triangle-Head Being has three fingers and three toes which it uses as a tripod to balance its very wavy body. He is 10-feet, 11-inches tall!  This being appeared on stage with Ra-Tear-Ir behind Corey as Corey was asked to transmit the words of Ra-Tear-Ir to the group. This being generally does not communicate with anyone. However, he served in the place of the Guardians in the historic meeting with the Inner Earth groups which had not met with the Guardians for 500,000 years!

Corey reported on that meeting on April 27, 2016 in Season 4: Episode 8: Inner Earth Update.


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