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Adopt True World Map Now!

It has been known since the 1800s that the map of the world (Mercator Projection) that we see everywhere is a distortion. It makes the northern hemisphere look larger (and thus more powerful and richer) than the southern hemisphere -- when the truth is the opposite. The Gall-Peters map has been available since the early 1970s. So, why is the wrong map still being shown everywhere and taught in schools?

As the first article below show, Africa is actually about 14 times the size of Greenland! So, the geography (like the history) we are taught enhance Europe at the expense of the rest of the world. However, as the 500-year colonial period ends now, the truth is increasingly coming out. The geographical truth requires restoring the true size, wealth, and importance of Africa. In the same way, the true history of Africa is now beginning to reveal its central role in world civilization for thousands of years -- and that its sound principles are ones we must restore for an enlightened Earth as we learn to become a galactic civilization!

Note: The UN Year of Reconciliation: 2024 page of this site recommends that the UN now promote the true map of the world!

The Business Insider article The Most Popular Map Of The World Is Highly Misleading says:

"One of the best alternatives to the Mercator projection was presented in 1974 at a conference in Germany by Dr. Arno Peters, who claimed he invented it — though well after the discovery of an identical map made by James Gall in the 1800s. The Gall-Peters projection (shown below) makes seeing the relative size of places much easier. Notably, this version comes closer to showing that what we percieve as land mass in the "South" is nearly twice as big as the "North"— 38.6 million square miles compared to 18.9 million square miles. The Mercator, however, makes the North look much larger. Therefore, Peters argued, the Mercator projection shows a euro-centric bias and harms the world's perception of developing countries."

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True Size of Africa

The map below shows the true size of Africa. When shown in its proper proportions, Africa swallows up the continental US, China, India, Japan, and much of Europe! Neither Russia nor Canada comes close in actual size.


Africa is not only geographically enormous, it has played an enormous role in world history. Civilization spread from ancient Egypt to the Dravidians in South India and to the rest of the East, to the Americas via the Olmecs, and to Europe in several waves -- each time bringing Enlightenment. The discovering of The Hermetica which is based on the wisdom of the ancient Egyptian god Thoth sparked the European Renaissance and Protestant Reformation.

We need a new global Renaissance now based on the ancient Egyptian principles including the Principles of Maat.


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