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When Corey Goode visited Inner Earth, he met seven groups.

Three related groups use the symbol of Saturn with the jewel in different positions. They are the oldest and claim to have been on the surface of Earth 17-18 million years ago! These include the Anshar shown below on the left. Corey has developed a close friendship with Priestess Ka'Aree of the Anshar. Many of the advanced artifacts being found now are from their cultures. They developed naturally on Earth from a template that exists throughout the universe. They periodically come to the surface to help humanity after cataclysms. There are several younger groups which include Blacks and Asians -- one of whom is pale blue! 

When Draco Reptilians threatened to turn in their subordinates, the Inner Earth civilizations formed an unprecedented Inner Earth Alliance which refers to the Sphere Being Alliance as the “Guardians”. They met first with "Gonzales" and and then with Corey because the Sphere Being Alliance refused to meet with them directly. Corey was invited to attend when the Golden Triangle-Headed Being (as a representative of the Guardians) met with the Inner Earth groups for the first time in 500,000 years! Corey reported on that meeting on April 27, 2016 in Season 4: Episode 8: Inner Earth Update.

These groups are members of the Earth Alliance.

Inner Earth Groups


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