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You Can Help Create a New Earth Now!

In the ground-breaking Season 10: Episode 2, Corey Goode reported several major decisions that had been reached at the Super Federation meeting on December 16, 2017. These dramatic changes all have a profound impact on humanity now. For the first time in our history, humanity has been given a seat on the Super Federation Council. Corey is Ambassador for Earth (and our Solar System) and will serve on the Board with the 52 other Solar System Ambassadors from our Local Star Cluster. Corey pointed out in Season 10: Episode 6 that all of the Ambassadors are humans -- in various shades.

Ra-Teir-Eir, the Blue Avian with whom Corey has been meeting, explained that humanity should not look for "saviors" now. We are to be our own saviors.  A growing number of people and nations around the world agree that our current system is not working well This means that humanity now has both the responsibility and opportunity to create a better system for Earth that serves all of humanity well and restores the planet. Where will we find the inspiration for that new system?

In 2016, Ra-Tear-Eir introduced Corey to Ambassador Micca of the  Olmecs (shown below) who defeated the Reptilians on their planet 900 years ago. Micca and the Olmecs are here to assist humanity now. Were there other reasons that Ra-Teir-Eir chose this particular Ambassador to guide us now in discovering the inspiration for the new system we need to create now on Earth? David Wilcock pointed out The Law of One says that Sphere Being Alliance of which Ra-Tear-Eir is a member cannot ascend from 6th density until all of humanity ascends to 4th density. That is because of a mistake they made in Egypt when they provided the knowledge to build the pyramids -- which was later corrupted by the Illuminati.

Humanity got particularly off course in the last 500+ years with the start of the colonialism. That period included the genocide of the much of Native America, the theft of the Western hemisphere, the colonialization of Africa, India, and Australia, and the most brutal system of slavery in America the world has ever seen. Reconciliation has begun and a UN Year of Reconciliation in 2024 is proposed to be followed by a UN Year of Enlightenment in 2026.

Western civilization is the only major culture that has failed to focus on Enlightenment. If we are to become a galactic civilization,wemust restore the original teachings given by the Egyptians.  The Olmecs are the "mother civilization" of the Americas and carried the culture of Egypt to the Western Hemisphere, The Moors carried the enlightened values of Egypt to Europe when they conquered Spain in 711AD and ruled for 700 years. They also carried the wisdom of the Egyptians.

So, we must turn now to the teachings of the Egyptians which so inspired the ancient Greeks. We must now re-learn the Principles of Maat and the Principles of Thoth that kept Egypt stable, enlightened, and prosperous for thousands of years


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